Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Smalls #5 - Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe + a giveaway

I know I know it is Tuesday and no Tuesday Extravaganza (to be fair there is almost no progress from the last picture). I am seriously behind in several other updates too and will try to catch up in the next week or so. I thought of posting this finish as it is inoffensively simple (only one photo pretty much).

This is an 'Alphabet Ornament Collection: A' by Nancy Turner of The Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.
I have stitched this with 'the best orange' (hand dyed by Nancy) on evenweave (dyed by my lovely mum with red onion skin and aluminium mordant).

The green fabric is essentially a bit more green than what my camera took. It looks nice, I love the green and the threads (especially the blended effect from light to dark on A), it was a pleasure stitching! But I think I will be restitching this design again. As I feel there is too much of a military sense about it. Not sure why. Must be this shade of green. Maybe once I will make it into a proper finish it will feel less so. I wander what will happen if I stitch green on orange? maybe the second side to this ornament? what do you think? And have a cord in orange and green. I am also planning on stitching another A from the same set of charts. It has a bird in the pattern!

Would you like to stitch something in Nancy's threads, if so she is having another one of her generous giveaways:

You have until 15th of June 2014. 

Till soon,

P.S. a sneak update for next month's finish ... the sheep are coming ... you can probably guess what I am stitching next


  1. Lovely finish. I like the green and gold combination.

  2. Great finish, Lija! Can't wait to see the final product :D

  3. Beautiful finish. Looking forward to seeing what you do with it.