Thursday, 29 May 2014

I'm late, I'm late, I'm very very late or Stitch from Stash #5

I just got back from visiting friends and family down South this morning (night bus is not the best way to travel) and need to rush out to work. So pictures at a later stage (I'll try to edit the post when I come home).

I bought:

$9.50 'Moonlight and Moonbeam' by Ravenscroft (HAED chart) ... it was on 50% sale.

£3.96 14 packs of assorted Madeira embroidery thread (ebay)

£1.39 'Cross Stitch Herbs Fruit and Flowers' book after 30% (Works)

£6.49 Simply heritage flower charts (ebay)

£1.20 Cross stitch material Magic Guide 14" x 18" ecru (ebay)

$/£15.82 was carried over plus the $/£ 25 allowance. I have $/£18.28 to carry through to next month. Mind it was a close call. I didn't bid on about 6 kits I was planning onto. Go me.

Till soon,