Sunday, 30 September 2012

A finish, some progress, and the opening of the online shop ...

This month has marked a completion of one of the Wipocalypse's projects. Snowman:

June 2012

Before I go onto show the progress on my stitching this month, I want to share some exciting news.

I have previously mentioned my handmade bags and accessories business that I have started with my mum. I now have a website (courtesy of an amazing sister) with an online shop: 

ILiNi designs (website)

one of the bags
So do please check it out to see more examples of our work; and 'like' us on facebook.

And now onto the current month's progress:

August 2012 - part 2

September 2012

August 2012 - part 2

September 2012

Until soon,


Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Snowman finish and TUSAL update ...

I haven't blogged in a long time it seems. The past week or two was spent working ... finally a few extra hours. Brighton and London trip was good. Warm. Where is the fairness that we have had essentially no summer here up North. Over the past few years my summer wardrobe has decreased and the collection of jumpers has grown. I am still knitting my latest jumper, just need to finish off the front, and do sleeves, and then I can begin the next one. I have already picked the design and the yarn ... but for now back to cross stitch news:

I have completed one of the Wipocalypse projects. It has only taken me a total of a year and a half to stitch or a year and a half hiding it in a box, while beginning new projects]. 


TUSAL update is very sad this month ...

I have continued stitching in the evenings, but the threads in the dimensions kit I'm working on are longer than in others. I have also managed to break a needle, and the 2nd is getting slowly to a similar stage.


A very pathetic collection of ORTs indeed ... maybe next month I can redeem myself.

Till soon,