Sunday, 30 September 2012

A finish, some progress, and the opening of the online shop ...

This month has marked a completion of one of the Wipocalypse's projects. Snowman:

June 2012

Before I go onto show the progress on my stitching this month, I want to share some exciting news.

I have previously mentioned my handmade bags and accessories business that I have started with my mum. I now have a website (courtesy of an amazing sister) with an online shop: 

ILiNi designs (website)

one of the bags
So do please check it out to see more examples of our work; and 'like' us on facebook.

And now onto the current month's progress:

August 2012 - part 2

September 2012

August 2012 - part 2

September 2012

Until soon,



  1. Lovely progress on your stitching! LOOOVE the handbag on the pic!!! Beautiful ☺

  2. Beautiful stitching..will see if I can find you fb!

    1. Thank you. Sorry for a late reply (been away from the blogging world) the facebook page is linked from the post, but it isn't very clear:

  3. Congratulations on the snowman finish! :) Gorgeous handbag, I'll definitely check out your new site!

  4. Your stitching progress looks wonderful and those handbags are really lovely =)
    Excellent job on finishing the Snowman =)

  5. Congrats on your finish. Very cute. And the handbags are gorgeous. Good luck with your business.

  6. The snowman finish is adorable! :D

    All the best with your handbag business!!