Thursday, 22 August 2013

Wipocalypse - post #8

Dear all,

I think I am progressing with my stitching rather well ... though blogging is not as high time spent as I would have hoped. I have just did 11 days of work in a row, so felt a little tired to comment, post, and respond in the evenings. A few days off for the bank holiday weekend now ... but it will be full of business unsurprisingly.

I am taking part in a craft fair at Snods Edge:

So if you live in the North East do come along. 

The biscornus are all made up and ready to be sold, amongst all other different beauties. I'll share the pictures in the next few days (need to get back to packing for the event). After all you are here for my Wipocalypse update:


July 2013

August 2013
About half way there.

And some finishes for this month that you have already seen:

You see a very productive ... stitching wise month ... and not just small finishes if you count the African lady that took me ages to backstitch.

Till soon with the promised pictures,

Aw, and by the way:

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Monday, 12 August 2013

Not one, not two, but three finishes to show ...

Dear all, 

Before I show off my latest finishes I wanted to make a claim to fame. Some of you have already noticed that I was featured in the latest issue of the World of Cross Stitching, on the reader panel.

The World of Cross Stitching issue 206

... and here is proof ...
Following my comment on the Gorjuss chart the publishers were kind enough to post me a second copy. And so you know my predictions came true!

And now onto stitching ...

#1 - Biscornu #671 

These biscornus will be made up soon ... I promise ... but for now here are the panels. The chart was acquired from the Floss Box (check out the sidebar for that). Fabric is 14 count aida - cream ivory in colour. I have used just anchor for this project: 211,149, 146, 266, 29, 144, 27.



#2 - Come With Me by Snowflower Diaries

I completed it on evenweave dyed with fennel (like the puppies I stitched earlier) using dmc 102 variated. Purple is my favourite colour so I am quite happy with it. A proper finish finish is to follow.

And finally .... something you probably were not expecting to get finished/or have forgotten entirely about ... I finished the backstitching... finally:

#3 - Kiongozi - Dance Leader

Original art work by the Kenya artist Gakonga.
Stitched in anchor on count 18 cream Aida.
Kit by Fleur de Lis

 Till soon,


Tuesday, 6 August 2013

TUSAL - post 8, a finish and the zoo

Hello all,

I sat down to write this post thinking ... I have another biscornu panel finish to show you, but it turns out I haven't photographed it yet. What a dumpty. I had the camera out both this morning, and then realising I haven't pictured this month's orts, after work. Never mind I'll keep that for the next post ... but I have something even more exciting to show you ...

toy panda!

I bet he is saying I am not perfect but definitely cute
One of his ears is a bit lopsided, and the nose a little too high ... but this is my 1st attempt at sewing a toy in about 10 years or more. I'm sure I have sewn a guinea pig when I was little. But that was many years ago. So what has inspired this little beauty you might ask ... well my recent trip to the Edinburgh zoo of course. I had the kit for this panda bear on my projects to start shelf for about a year, but seeing pandas in real life inspired me to bring it out.

When I went to visit the pandas ... they were a little naughty ... and were right in the middle of their 16 hour per day sleep.
this is the naughty bear that slept with its back towards me

Tian Tian was a little better at posing while sleeping:

Ain't she cute? I really hope she is pregnant. She underwent artificial insemination back in April, but pandas take upto 10 months to decide whether they want to be pregnant or not. Ultrasound scan is scheduled for this month after she undergoes training for it. 

I have more photos of other animals from the trip to share in a later post.

And now onto TUSAL.

August 2013

2013 up to now and August next to it

the year so far
I am doing quite good for stitching. Many many orts ...

A few more giveaways I couldn't go past

#1 - 5th Blogaversary Giveaway @ Always Smiling

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Deadline: 9th August 2013

#2 - Blog Hop Giveaway and Competition @ Stitchers Anon 
A very inspirational lady. She is the one who organised the 2013 SAL ... and I can't stop stitching the current designer we are working on.
She is doing a few giveaways, so one can pick between:

I think I have shared all ....

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#3 - Birthday Give-away! 100 winners @ Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe
Nancy organises the most exciting giveaways and this one is no exception. Do mention that it was me who sent you.

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Till soon,

Thursday, 1 August 2013

The world of giveaways ...

So we have a winner ...

Here are all the entries ...

... and the winner is ...


not sure if my camera was good at capturing purple pen

I almost missed it! Taking the picture that is ... my six year old brother was very fast!

The winner is Katie of Stitching and Other Obsessions.

If you did not win here are some August giveaways that I came across that might bring you more luck:

#1 - Lavender Giveaway @ Emily Story

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#2 - Apple-Honey giveaway @ Caramel Tenderness
do love the picture ... though not many would be eligible to enter ... You have to belong to the countries around Russia (not extremely clear on that). So not me but wanted to share regardless.

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#3 - Apple wine giveaway @ Pearls of my Soul

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#5 - Birthday Giveaway @ Handmade

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Till soon,