Thursday, 15 November 2012

TUSAL/Wipocalypse updates, a finish, and some starts...

It seems I have vanished from the blogging world ... which would be a good thing if I had done lots and lots of stitching, but sadly that is not the case. I have taken a picture of my jar last month and only now am getting round to posting it, and since then the jar has not seen any additions to it.

A little pathetic. Right? Anyhow to redeem myself in the lack of posts department I am posting a picture of a card I have completed last month:

It was a free kit that came with the May 2012/issue 163 of Cross Stitch Crazy.

Also I have started a few others ...

the I have ran out of thread for this one ... the free kit said do either one of the designs ... but I guess I picked the wrong one of the two as one colour was missing and one ran out.

Since I took this picture I have completed all the cross stitching ... apart from light green as guess what I have ran out of it. It was the most silly kit I have seen in a while. There was less dark green on the chart than light ... yet there was too much dark green thread and not enough of light. 

Wipocalypse update is squashed at the bottom due to serious lackness of it:

 This is how I have left my summer extravaganza:
August 2012 - part 2
And after a little work this is how the current page I am working on looks now:

October 2012
And as a whole picture:

October 2012

And sadly that's it ... but I do promise to be better next month. Will catch up on people's blogs tomorrow ... better go and fulfil my duties of baby sitting my little brother. 

Until (I hope) soon,