Thursday, 30 January 2014

Smalls SAL update #1

Dear all,

Just a quick first check in on this new SAL for me (for more info check out the separate tab). Speaking of SALs I have signed up to yet another one (grunt) ... a Margaret Sherry one. More on that later.

First finish (the two photos are at slightly various stages of day/artificial light):

It is the Snowflower Diaries: Summer Witch, chart available free over HERE.

It was stitched on Zweigart 28 count Quaker Linen in Confederare Grey.
Stitched in DMC: 310, 3770, 520, 827, 517, 818, and Anchor: 8, 360, 47, 882, 1010

Till tomorrow,


Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Stitch from Stash 2014 - post #1 or quite a bit of stash and still within budget ...

Dear all,

Thank you for your lovely comments on my previous post. If you are still curious about me and the party check out this post HERE. There is a giveaway I am doing as part of the party. So sorry I haven't got a photo up yet. But will do that as soon as I catch my breath. I will also need to visit all the party blogs. That hectic time of the month hit it seems. I will need to have 3 updates in a row. My to do list has grown with the things needing to be done.

The first of them ... Stitch from Stash 2014. Check out the tab for more info on the project.

I have managed to stay within limit and still have plenty of stash ...

My new stash:

I have won a thread giveaway over at Victorian Motto Sampler:

Is Nancy generous or what!? The threads are beautiful, and I have already started stitching with them.

Speaking of Nancy ... she is having another giveaway over on her blog. Click HERE to check it out before 14th February 2014. A hint ... there is a lot of red involved.

Next I will show you my Christmas present from my sister. I have only got it a few days ago (almost a week ago now) when my sister visited. She visited us here for a few days and then I went down to London/Brighton for a few days. And I only got back a few hours ago. Told you I was busy!

Hand dyed floss by Nina of Nina's Threads. The colour is Jingle Bells. 

Along with it I got the following chart with pre-sorted threads and fabric by Snowflower Diaries:

It was packed soooo lovely. Sadly I could not wait to start so you do not get the packed up picture.

It was my small project for the train. And I am making progress.

uniquely prepacked threads

Mostly Nina's hand dyed floss

The picture of the progress: 

it is a bit of a wrong colour on here (happens when you take pictures after dark).

I bought myself a winder. (Not sure whether it is includable in the budget). The threads some wound some not were beginning to drag me up the wall.

Then my shopping from Anita's Little Stitches came. A blogging friend once recommended for me to buy from Anita ... as I was trying to find Little House Needleworks. I have ordered this back mid December and only now received. Anita and I agreed a slightly letter postage due to the insecurity of Christmas and New Year post.

35 count cocoa
I have never stitched on 35 count before. So this should be something new.

Cardinal Winter ornament chart

Specialised threads for the ornament

Little Sheep Virtue - No.1 Hope chart with button

Little Sheep Virtue - No.8 Wisdom chart with button

Little Sheep Virtue - No.5 Faith chart with buttons
Here are 3 sheep (and that is 9 to go) and 1 ornament (and not sure how many from previous series would I make.
What did I actually buy ...

A magazine ... with the Fizzy Moon. With student discount this was £4.50. And hence as I count $25 pretty much equivalent to £15 I have more that 2/3 carrying through to next month (£11.50). On second thought I will take the advised approach pretend $25 is equivalent to £25 (as Mel mentioned UK materials are expensive). Now I have 21.50 to carry through. This way when I order from the abroad it will be less confusing. Unless I need to include the winder. If yes I will update the sum and carrying would be a little bit less.

Also the project I started stitching from stash this month:

Lean on Me by Judy Rossouw (Anchor kit)

I am falling a sleep slightly at my desk now, so better wrap it up.

Till soon,

P.S. Will start making the party rounds tomorrow.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Welcome to Stitching in Crosses and More ... 2014

Dear all,

Hello and welcome to the Stitching in Crosses and More ...

I have started this blog a few years back when my passion for cross stitch was reborn ... and I have been blogging and stitching ever since. 

This is me at my latest graduation (as I have previously graduated with Masters of Mathematics from Durham University)...

In the latest course I have studied the fascinating world of business, accounting and finance. I have graduated with a Distinction and an award from the ICAEW Northern society for being the best student on the Personal and Professional Skills module. My dream is to work by any means in the intriguing world of tax. But for now I remain a part-time librarian/ amateur artist (over 15 exhibitions)/ crafter/ designer. 

I manage ILiNi designs, a North East based handmade bags, accessories, and home d├ęcor business. You can find us on

The items we make range from luxury and unique leather handbags to small linen makeup bags (some including cross stitch designs!)

I take part in way too many SALs and I am an addict. I cross stitch anything from HAED to traditional embroidery. To get a better idea of what I stitch check out my finishes tab.

Some of the finishes I had ...

But there are many more already done and more to come ...

I will be hosting a giveaway, drawing on the 15th of February 2014. Anyone can enter provided I can contact you, so leave an email or a blog url. I will update this post later on this week with the prize pictures. But for now check out all the other wonderful blogs that are here for the party at 2 Bags Full. Thanks to Vicki for organising this again.

The giveaway:

5 threaders

5 charms

1 chart and a chart booklet

2 small kits

a bookmark and speciality stitch charts

Hand dyed fabric with logwood and aluminium mordant by my mum
Once the winner is picked he or she can pick what part of the giveaway they want: all or some (and whatever is unwanted will roll over to the next drawing).


Friday, 17 January 2014

Wipocalypse - post #1 and my new Etsy shop ...

Dear all,

Before I get into the whole Wipocalypse update I would like to mention my new Etsy shop opening:

Here you can find some of the handcrafted (including cross stitched) items that mum, my sister and I make and sell through craft fairs and display cases here in the North East of England. I thought it is time to expand to a new market.

The selling info on the few items you have seen me create last year (they are not the only items on Etsy): 

Makeup bag. £9.99. Coming soon to Etsy.

Makeup bag. £9.99. Sold.

Makeup bag. £9.99. Available on Etsy.

Makeup bag. £9.99. Available on Etsy.

Biscornu. £5.00. Available on Etsy.

Biscornu. £5.00. Available on Etsy.

Biscornu. £8.00. Available on Etsy.

Biscornu. £8.00. Sold.

Hope you check my new shop out, and let me know what you think of it. There are also some handmade little angels, teaspoon ladies, and birds that I haven't shared the photos of here that my mum made. I am also working on adding more and more items. 

Onto Wipocalypse ...

If you want to join in this SAL in 2014 click on:

This month I am meant to introduce myself, my projects, and any goals that I have for this year.

I think I might skip the intro and refer you back to the last years post:

it was for the blog party and is still pretty accurate. Although I am now a member of 2 reading groups, rather than one, participated in another 2 exhibitions, graduated from Newcastle University, and now opened an Etsy shop (as can be seen from the start of the post).

Speaking of which if you would like to know more about it (although unfortunately the deadline for sign up has passed this year) click on:



1) Good Heavens by Margaret Sherry [Goal: Complete]

This used to be a UFO till recently, so I am very proud for working on it in December.

December 2013

2) Christmas Candle - HAED [Goal: Complete another 5 3 pages]
So far 0/5 3 (goal) and 3/36 (total)

I decided to keep the same goal that I did not manage to meet last year. Lets hope I will be better this year.
December 2013

January 2014

January 2014 - closeup
3) Yiota's Xstitch: Field of Poppies [Goal: Complete]
Based on Van Gogh's painting

December 2013

January 2014
4) 'Picture of elegance'. [Goal: Complete]
Sara Moon from The World of Cross Stitching issue 181. This is my mum's birthday present from almost a year ago ... oh dear I am very late.

December 2013
5) Literate Dragon - HAED [Goal: complete the full SAL]
So far 0/4. 

December 2013


6) Xmas Chums [Goal: Complete by next Christmas ... as if]
I have begun it as a present for christmas 2 3 4 summers ago ... managed to stitch the entire face before realising I have stitched it 10 squares lower than the centre. How silly! I then started unpicking and got up to:

June 2012
7)  'Tending the Flock' [Goal: Pick up and work on even if just a little]
from Cherished Teddies and Friends. A matching pillow hopefully to one in my earlier  prehistoric posts.

Before 2012

8) Making Lickle Wishes [Goal: turn to a WIP]
April 2012

9) Cabin Fever by Dimensions (Gold Collection) [Goal: turn into a WIP]

September 2012
10) John Clayton: Venice [Goal: complete]

December 2012

New Starts:

As part of the Stitch from Stash initiative I will be starting from my huge stash list and the first up is 'Lean on Me'. My january start. 

11) JR01 Lean on Me by Judy Rossouw (anchor) [Goal: complete]

January 2014
Obviously I will be starting some more wips including another HAED (after all I have a new frame - a Christmas gift). 

And some giveaways to check out:

  • Blogoversary Giveaway @ Sarah in Stitches:

Click here to enter.

  • A Chart Giveaway of your choice @ Stitchers Anon

Click here to enter.

Until soon,