Stash (Updated: 03/01/2016)

I thought I would separate all my unstarted kits and charts into a separate tab. So they are easier to deal with. Once I start something I will cross it off the list ... to give a somewhat limited idea of how the list is decreasing. In 2015 I started with 101 (33 kits and 68 charts) and I have now increased to 108 (35 kits and 73 charts). This is slightly worrying. Hopefully I can get this list down to under 100 by 2017 through a few starts/finishes.

Red - gifted / removed, Green - started in the year, Purple - finished in the year, Orange - added in the year

Stash to Start:

Heaven and Earth Designs (charts) ... take a deep breath:

1) Alice Enchanted by Jasmine Becket-Griffith (24 pages)
2) Alice and Snow White by Jasmine Becket-Griffith (36 pages)
3) Geranium by Jasmine Becket-Griffith (36 pages) 
4) Rapunzel at Twilight by Jasmine Becket-Griffith (35 pages) 
5) Snow White and Her Animal Friends by Jasmine Becket-Griffith (36 pages) 
6) The Three Fates by Jasmine Becket-Griffith (24 pages)
7) Tricksy Tuxedo Cat by Jasmine Becket-Griffith (24 pages)  
8) Faces of Faery 168 by Jasmine Becket-Griffith (9 pages)
9) The Little Match Girl by Jasmine Becket-Griffith (25 pages)
10) Pillar of Grace by Sara Butcher (36 pages)
11) Pillar of Hope by Sara Butcher (36 pages)
12) Pillar of Love by Sara Butcher (36 pages)
13)Trapeze by Enamorte (35 pages)
14) Serena by Myka Jelina (24 pages) 
15) Sky by Myka Jelina (36 pages) 
16) Mini Lucia by Myka Jelina (8 pages) 
17) The Falls by Jeremiah Ketner (30 pages)
18) QS Come Softly by Ching-Chou Kuik (9 pages)
19) QS Heather by Hannah Lynn (4 pages)
20) Punch of Color Girls 6 (16 pages)
21) QS Theatre of the Absurd by Ciro Marchetti (4 pages)
22) Tree of Life by William Morris (25 pages)
23) Smitten Kitten by Linda Ravenscroft (25 pages)
24) Moonlight and Moonbeam by Linda Ravenscroft (30 pages)
25) Village Bookstore by Randal Spangler (42 pages)
26) SK Trick or Treat by Randal Spangler (4 pages)

Heritage Crafts (dmc):

John Clayton - Connections:
27) Freesia (chart)
28) Anemone (chart)
29) Rose (chart)
30) Carnation (chart)
31) Day Lily (kit)
32) Tulip (kit)

John Clayton - International:
33) Blue Waters (kit)
34) Statue of Liberty (kit)
35) St. Basil's Cathedral (kit)
36) St. Peter's (kit)
37) Great Wall (kit)
38) Bruges (kit)
39) Greek Steps (kit)
40) Portofino (kit)
41) Niagra Falls (kit)
42) Tulip Fields (kit)

John Clayton - Panoramas:
43) Winter Field (kit)

The Heritage Collection by Susan Ryder:
44) Tobermory (kit)

45) Simply Heritage Flower charts (3 charts)

Judy Rossouw (anchor):

46) JR02 Love at First Sight (kit)
47) JR05 Bunny Love (kit)
48) JR09 Fancy a Natter? (kit)
49) Hooked on You (chart)
50) Miserable Old Twit-Too (kit)

Lickle Ted (dmc):
51) Lickle butterfly (kit)

Maia (anchor):
52) Well Worth Waiting For - Peony (kit)

Fleur de Lis (anchor):
53) Friendly Talks 'Marafiki' (kit)
54) The Dance Leader 'Munokoreria' (kit)

Ursula Michael:
55) Let's Do Coffee (chart in DMC)

Sub Rosa:
56) Three summer pincushions (chart)

Yiota's Xstitch:
57) Blackman street in London (kit)

Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe:
58) Home Sweet Home (chart)
59) Alphabet Ornament Collection A (chart) STARTED
60) Alphabet Ornament Collection L (chart)
61) Alphabet Ornament Collection N (chart)
62) Alphabet Ornament Collection I (chart)

Stitchers Anon Cross Stitch and Craft Designs:
63) God Bless Us (chart)
64) Scent of Ginger (chart)
65) Swirley Monochrome Butterfly (chart)

Little House Needleworks:
66) Cardinal Winter (chart)
67) Wisdom (chart)
68) Peace (chart) STARTED
69) Friendship (chart)
70) Patience (chart)

Margaret Sherry:
71) Hen Egg Cosies (kit)
72) I'm Not Fat ... (kit)

Candamar Designs:
73) Victorian Roses (kit)

The Snowflower Diaries:
74) Swans and Butterflies (kit - chart, fabric, threads)
75) Under the Pear Tree (kit - chart, fabric, threads)
76) The Earth has Music (kit - chart, threads)
77) Sweet and Sugar (chart)
78) Theodora (chart)
79) Angela (kit - chart, fabric, threads)
80) The Rose Bush (chart)

Love Thy Thread:
81)  Maiko - Sabine Rich (chart)
82) Geisha - Sabine Rich (chart)
83) Winter Geisha - Sabine Rich (chart)
84) Autumn Leaves - Sabine Rich (chart) unfortunately was emailed black and white while ordered coloured (not sure if I ever stitch it)
85) Bewitched Park - Leonid Afremov (chart)
86) The Loneliness of Autumn - Leonid Afremov (chart)
87) When Dreams Come True - Leonid Afremov (chart)
88) Alley by the Lake - Leonid Afremov (chart)
89) Quiet Town - Leonid Afremov (chart)
90) Scaredy Cat - Love Thy Thread (chart)
91) 3 Little Witches - Love Thy Thread (chart)

New Age Cross Stitch E-zine:
92) Issue 1(charts)

Tilton Crafts:
93) Alice Series (Mizoguchi) (4 charts)

Livia Rovaris:
94) If at Night You Can't Sleep Don't Count Sheep Just Cross Stitch! (chart)
95) We Climbed the Tree to See the World (chart)
96) Love (chart)

Michael Powell:
97) Venice Palazzo (3 kits) - 1 kit started
98) Greek Village (chart)
99) Mini Cottage 1 (chart)

Gecko Rouge:
100) Alice and Dodo by Tanya Bond (kit) STARTED

101) Oranges - Home Deco (cushion cover kit)

TOTAL: 33 kits and 73 charts and counting

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  1. Hello, your collection looks amazing! I wonder if you can help. I have lost page 1 of friendly talks marafiki and see you have it as part of your collection. How would you feel about sending me a photocopy. I am desperate to get it as I have done most of the middle section (B) Thanks you very much indeed for reading. Sue