Saturday, 29 June 2013

Wipocalypse - post #6, reviews and dare I say giveaways ...

Hello all,

It seems to me I have fallen through some hole like an Alice in Wonderland ... and time has just run away from me. I have picked up some extra hours at work, so was a busy bee ... since I stitch during lunch times (that's some extra stitching to share).

Wipocalypse - post #6

Oh dear this means we are half way through the year ... I have not amended my targets yet, but I will decrease specifics, and include an aim for finishes. More on that at a later post. And now to the stitching:

Puppy Love by Margaret Sherry

May 2013

a lot done here ...

Puppy #1 complete

Puppy #2 complete

 This is what the #3 was like when Wipocalypse post was due last week:

Puppy #3 progress
But in a few days it became ... well complete:

Puppy #3 complete
I am making good progress on #4 (the final of the set for me) but no pic.

Field of poppies:

June 2013

As I thought gridding is going very slowly and painfully on evenweave.

QS Literate Dragon:

May 2013

June 2013
And to see the bigger picture:

June 2013

Snowflower Diaries:
I recently mentioned a new SAL. Well with no progress pictures I have a finish ...

Truly, Madly, Deeply ... complete

'Truly, Madly, Deeply' by Snowflower Diaries is a free pattern from HERE.

I don't remember what colours I stitched with as silly me with so many projects on the go decided to tidy up and put them away. It was a combo of DMC and Anchor that much I know. If you are interested about the SAL(s) I am partaking in click HERE. There you can see some more finishes of various charts by this designer.

Fabric I have used was Cashel - Vintage Green 28ct. It's gorgeous! and has this crackling effect. One of my crazy mid exam stress purchases.

Will show you again later once I get it into a proper finish.

More shopping ...

Hmm ... not as bad as you'd think. I got the following from a charity shop:

Anchor ... with a few slots empty I guess this is still close to full collection (or part of it) ...

... Guess how much it cost me? A massive total of £5!!! What a bargain and it came in a box.

Book Reviews

'Home-Made Vintage' by Christina Strutt 4/10
There was a nice rabbit doll in this book. Although very simplistic projects, they'd be great for cross stitch finishes: bags, aprons, pillows, etc.
I might even borrow it again some time. You can see from my ratings the opinion I have on finishing touches is not that high... no wander my box of finished stitchings is getting fuller. 

'Red Ted Art' by Maggy Woodley 4/10
Some crafts for kids. My favourite is the egg candles; not sure it is a great idea for kids to do them, but I definitely want to try.

'Patchwork Bags' by Cecilia Hanselmann 5/10
Not too bad. Red Retro used very nice fabric ... which I want! So that upset me a little. And that particular bag was although simple but nice in design. I liked the makeup bags (all four), Rose Windows could be adapted to hold small cross stitch project in its windows; again simple but effective. Must stress that the designs are very simplistic - but would suit a beginner.

'Mollie Makes Christmas' by Mollie Makes 2/10
I only like 1 project of a crocheted reindeer in this book. I am going to even include it's picture (from back cover so not infringing any copyright I guess)


#1 - Colours of Summer @ Swet-lanka
Some beautiful fabrics ...

To enter click HERE.

Deadline: 7th July 2013

#2 - Giveaway @ Bellissi
Look at the amazing teapot! Wouldn't it be wonderful to store bits and bobs in and look gorgeous on the shelf.

To enter click HERE.

Deadline: 4th July 2013

#3 - A Giveaway @ Cat's Home
Aren't bunnies cute in real life and as toys ... check out the following giveaway.

To enter click HERE.

Deadline: 1st July 2013

#4 - Giveaway @ Interior Toy
Another gorgeous toy/doll being given away. I have a book from a library on making dolls. I do want to try to make one myself some time... staying away from clay this time (ended up a mess last time I tried). 

To enter click HERE.

Deadline: 30th June/ 1st July 2013

#5 - Useful Giveaway @ Aunty Rose
Gorgeous box. Amazing for storing those little things.

To enter click HERE.

Deadline: 1st July 2013

Well this post has taken me a lot longer than expected. How long do you think I will be able to keep up this sharing of book reviews and giveaways? Anyhow, I am not too worried as they are not the main part about blogging ... the sharing is, regardless of what it is ... which reminds me I still haven't shown off all my beautiful fabric mum dyed. Next post I promise. And don't forget to enter the most important giveaway - mine!!!

Till soon,

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Some great eBay sellers, another review, and yes more giveaways ...

Dear all,

Aren't I'm frequent? 1st of all hello to my new followers, it is always nice to make new friends.

I think it is probably that I haven't been blogging for some time during the exams that I have so much to say. I should get my results next week, so both excited and scared at the same time.
There are certain things people end up doing due to stress and to calm down. What was my vice during long days revision do you think? And no it was not to pick up cross stitch more often ... I forbid me to do that. Instead it was eBay shopping ... dare I say, stash!


So wanted to share 2 'stories' with you.

Remember the following fella by Judy Rossouw:

does my bum look big in this?

Well one of my eBay searches was concerning can I find anything else by this lady... And I am now a proud owner of the following kit:

Love at First Sight
I bought it from a lady on eBay; and not only that but once I mentioned I am having difficulty finding patterns/kits by this artist/designer the lady responded saying she came across a chart with Flamingos by Judy Rossouw ... she then looked up the issue name and number and found me another seller on eBay who sold this chart! Talk about amazing service! The flamingo chart (which I own as well):

hooked on you

This lady is selling more cross stitch stuff HERE. So do check out Lovinastitch (that's what she calls herself). I love the 28 count fabric ... but after the amount I have bought I think I am placing myself on a ban (though most individually were great deals).

Concerns DMC threads. Threads are so expensive! About 70/80p in shops per skein. Browsing the web so far one can get it down to 42p + postage. Well I found an even better offer!!!

Not sure how long its for as it is a sale. Click HERE.

If you are buying over 105 it is 30p per skein, and 35p for numbers below that, and free delivery. Have to warn you though it does not come from smoke free environment if you are squirmy about such stuff. I am airing all my threads before adding them to mine, but for such value one doesn't mind pegging them outside. 

Bargains right? 


Now a review. This one is actually getting a good rating:

'20 Floral Bags to Make' by Susan Cariello 7/10
This book one doesn't get for the bags, but for the flowers. There a few techniques I will be trying from this book. It is definitely time to venture into the 'More' of the 'Stitching in Crosses and More ...'



#1 - 300 Follower/300th post giveaway @ Kitten Stitching
Kaye is giving away some pretty exciting stuff; to be fair if you are not already following this lady, you probably should.

look at the cat Kaye stitched!
To see more pictures, and find out how to enter click HERE.

Deadline: 2nd July 2013

#2 - Bear No.80 Giveaway @ Bears with Numbers
The giveaway is for the following items. Lydia is very kind don't you think? I do love her bears and looking forward to following the blog. Do 'bear' [wink] she writes in russian.

To enter click here
Deadline: 21st June 2013.

#3 - 1st Blogaversary Giveaway @ Igrushkin House 
Another pretty toy from a russian blog:

Did I mention I was going to sew a soft toy? I will mention in another post sometime.

To enter click here.
Deadline: 23rd June 2013.

#4 - SANQ Vol. 9 Giveaway @ A Stitcher's Story
Vickie is giving away a few samplers' charts. These are just a few of them:

I am myself not that into samplers so won't participate ... but they look so good I just had to share.

To enter click here.
Deadline: 23rd June 2013

#5 1st Blogaversary Giveaway @ by-ekaterina 
the blog is called differently ... but in russian, but it does have the lady's name in the title.

Ekaterina is giving away this gorgeous handmade notebook:

Isn't she very talented?

To eneter click here.
Deadline: 25th June 2013.

#6 - A Special give-away, please enter now @ Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe.
Nancy is having yet another exciting giveaway. I really need to win the lottery so I can buy everything I want. Her threads are definitely on the list. This giveaway is for you to enter a friend. I have entered my sister. Who will you enter?

To enter click here.
Deadline: 30th June 2013

#7 - Blog Birthday @ Pontinhos da Kat
And the gorgeous giveaway is:

I have been wanting to stitch a bicycle for some time now. 

To eneter click here.
Deadline: 30th June 2013

#8 - Just a Giveaway @ Rukodelkin Dom
Another generous lady from Russia giving a gift.

To enter click here.
Deadline: 30th June 2013

And lastly ...

#9 - Chart giveaway @ Tangled Threads
One of my favourite designers Rhona Norrie is giving away the following chart:

I am not entering myself, but I bet someone else would like a chance to win this chart. 

To enter click here.
Deadline: 24th June 2013

Till soon,


Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Book reviews and blog giveaways ... what else can one need?

A while ago I have attempted to start a reading blog, which was a bit of a failure ... so here is an attempt at slightly merging the two. I have put up a new tab for crafty books that I browsed through/read/used ... so if anyone interested in some to browse that will have the full list.

The three additions:

'Quilting on the go!' by Jessica Alexandrakis 2/10
I am not too into repetitive patterns of various shapes. If you are then this book will be great for you.
Interestingly it also has a bit about quilting and blogs, links, online quilt-alongs, and where to buy materials. It has all the different templates to actual size, and the layouts for assembling them.

'Little Sew & Sew' by Christine Leech 1/10
Too simple for me; most designs are in outline stitching.


'Vintage Craft' by Pearl Lowe 2/10
It is a very beautiful book, but most projects are not very practical. Has anyone ever got dried leaves and plants for decoration? They never keep long and become very horrible with dust. Quite a few projects in this book are only for a short term purpose too. I would personally use the book as inspiration for style, rather than specific projects. There was something that caught my eye though - an office in a wardrobe. The one in the book was of course not very practical, more for decoration, but it reflects those storage facilities that are so expensive to acquire. With enough DIY any one of us can turn an old wardrobe into a great storage/office... and even make it attractive.

For my 100 followers giveaway check out the previous post. But there are so many more out there (a sidebar with links I seen on a few blogs looks very neat I think). Will add one for the giveaways I come across, regardless of my entering them.

So to start it off...

#1 - 25 follower giveaway @ Wisdom with Needle and Thread 

Some of the gorgeous things Kim is giving away:

To enter click here.
Deadline: 1st July 2013.

#2 - 100 follower giveaway @ Cross Stitch Cottage

Meggie has reached 100 followers, just like me ... so go visit her blog too.

To enter click here.
Deadline: 30th June 2013.

Till soon (when I hopefully get around to sharing some pictures of all the gorgeous hand dyed fabric that I have).


Saturday, 15 June 2013

100 followers giveaway ...

Dear all,

After all the debating and hunting in boxes/draws/shelves I have decided to give away the following:

I had this book for awhile, but have never stitched from it. It is essentially new.

2 pieces of fabric - 1 stripy (not sure of count)
& yellow count 22 dyed with turmeric by my lovely mum

a chart and a kit
The bookmark chart is by Joan Elliott (left)
And bookmark kit by Kate Knight - includes 14 lengths of thread, 14-count aida, chart & key (right)

card kit for the cat &/or duck
Again, includes printed cards, threads, aida, sequins, and charts.

2 needle threaders ... for those of us who cheat on occasion
So this all will go to one random winner.


1) Must be a follower of my blog via 'google friend connect' option (on the right)
2) Comment on this post 
3) if you do NOT want some part of the giveaway for any reason (e.g. you already have the kit) ... list what you do not want to be entered for, and if you win I will keep these parts for another giveaway at a later date
4) And as I want as many people to know about this as possible you must post about this giveaway on your own blog (sidebar/post)

Rule 3 is optional, but the rest are a must ... apologies to those of you who do not blog, but I am in a mood for fame.

Closing date [almost forgot this detail] is 31st of July 2013. 

Good luck,