Saturday, 29 June 2013

Wipocalypse - post #6, reviews and dare I say giveaways ...

Hello all,

It seems to me I have fallen through some hole like an Alice in Wonderland ... and time has just run away from me. I have picked up some extra hours at work, so was a busy bee ... since I stitch during lunch times (that's some extra stitching to share).

Wipocalypse - post #6

Oh dear this means we are half way through the year ... I have not amended my targets yet, but I will decrease specifics, and include an aim for finishes. More on that at a later post. And now to the stitching:

Puppy Love by Margaret Sherry

May 2013

a lot done here ...

Puppy #1 complete

Puppy #2 complete

 This is what the #3 was like when Wipocalypse post was due last week:

Puppy #3 progress
But in a few days it became ... well complete:

Puppy #3 complete
I am making good progress on #4 (the final of the set for me) but no pic.

Field of poppies:

June 2013

As I thought gridding is going very slowly and painfully on evenweave.

QS Literate Dragon:

May 2013

June 2013
And to see the bigger picture:

June 2013

Snowflower Diaries:
I recently mentioned a new SAL. Well with no progress pictures I have a finish ...

Truly, Madly, Deeply ... complete

'Truly, Madly, Deeply' by Snowflower Diaries is a free pattern from HERE.

I don't remember what colours I stitched with as silly me with so many projects on the go decided to tidy up and put them away. It was a combo of DMC and Anchor that much I know. If you are interested about the SAL(s) I am partaking in click HERE. There you can see some more finishes of various charts by this designer.

Fabric I have used was Cashel - Vintage Green 28ct. It's gorgeous! and has this crackling effect. One of my crazy mid exam stress purchases.

Will show you again later once I get it into a proper finish.

More shopping ...

Hmm ... not as bad as you'd think. I got the following from a charity shop:

Anchor ... with a few slots empty I guess this is still close to full collection (or part of it) ...

... Guess how much it cost me? A massive total of £5!!! What a bargain and it came in a box.

Book Reviews

'Home-Made Vintage' by Christina Strutt 4/10
There was a nice rabbit doll in this book. Although very simplistic projects, they'd be great for cross stitch finishes: bags, aprons, pillows, etc.
I might even borrow it again some time. You can see from my ratings the opinion I have on finishing touches is not that high... no wander my box of finished stitchings is getting fuller. 

'Red Ted Art' by Maggy Woodley 4/10
Some crafts for kids. My favourite is the egg candles; not sure it is a great idea for kids to do them, but I definitely want to try.

'Patchwork Bags' by Cecilia Hanselmann 5/10
Not too bad. Red Retro used very nice fabric ... which I want! So that upset me a little. And that particular bag was although simple but nice in design. I liked the makeup bags (all four), Rose Windows could be adapted to hold small cross stitch project in its windows; again simple but effective. Must stress that the designs are very simplistic - but would suit a beginner.

'Mollie Makes Christmas' by Mollie Makes 2/10
I only like 1 project of a crocheted reindeer in this book. I am going to even include it's picture (from back cover so not infringing any copyright I guess)


#1 - Colours of Summer @ Swet-lanka
Some beautiful fabrics ...

To enter click HERE.

Deadline: 7th July 2013

#2 - Giveaway @ Bellissi
Look at the amazing teapot! Wouldn't it be wonderful to store bits and bobs in and look gorgeous on the shelf.

To enter click HERE.

Deadline: 4th July 2013

#3 - A Giveaway @ Cat's Home
Aren't bunnies cute in real life and as toys ... check out the following giveaway.

To enter click HERE.

Deadline: 1st July 2013

#4 - Giveaway @ Interior Toy
Another gorgeous toy/doll being given away. I have a book from a library on making dolls. I do want to try to make one myself some time... staying away from clay this time (ended up a mess last time I tried). 

To enter click HERE.

Deadline: 30th June/ 1st July 2013

#5 - Useful Giveaway @ Aunty Rose
Gorgeous box. Amazing for storing those little things.

To enter click HERE.

Deadline: 1st July 2013

Well this post has taken me a lot longer than expected. How long do you think I will be able to keep up this sharing of book reviews and giveaways? Anyhow, I am not too worried as they are not the main part about blogging ... the sharing is, regardless of what it is ... which reminds me I still haven't shown off all my beautiful fabric mum dyed. Next post I promise. And don't forget to enter the most important giveaway - mine!!!

Till soon,


  1. Wow, great progress! And I can't believe you got all that floss for 5 pounds! That's a great deal. :D

  2. Beautiful projects and lovely floss x

  3. Lovely projects and pretty threads.
    Have a good week (:

    1. Thank you. Same to you (though highly belatedly).

  4. You are very busy - but these beautiful embroidery :)

    1. Thank you! That's very right ... I have no idea how people can say that they have nothing to do with themselves if they are not at work/school - there are always tonnes of creative things one can do. My poor knitting has not had much time allocated to it, neither has art, stamps and a few other crafts.

  5. Cute stitchings.:)
    And thank you for the giveaways.:)
    Good luck to you.:)

    All the best.:)

  6. I can't believe u bought all those flosses for that price! Wow!

    The puppies are getting so so cute!

    The dragon is a difficult project hun?! But I am sure that you will finish it :D

  7. Great stitching, Lija! You are so patient to do the gridding first. I have only tried it on one design. Lucky you for finding all that floss at such a bargain!