Sunday, 7 July 2013

Fabrics and other ...

Dear all,

It has been a week since my last post ... and it does seem that I only get a little me time for posting during the weekends. But that is okay I do still get my daily intake of cross stitching and reading other blogs. I am hoping once the faulty component from my computer comes back and I will yet again expand the ram the new refound speed will help me to get about the internet world faster with less crashes.

In this as promised I will share all the fabrics my mum dyed. I will mention what substance she has used for the dye, and what mordant (where I had made a note).

all the dyed fabrics in their plastic packets

bottom row from above ...

top row from above ...

... now without the packets ...


dyed - curry
mordant - aluminium


dyed - onion skins
mordant - white vinegar

dyed - onion skins
mordant - aluminium

dyed - red onion skins
mordant - aluminium
Another picture:

The camera did not do justice to this deep green. It is gorgeous ... and more appealing in real life.

Another green ... same colour but a lighter shade.

dyed - red onion skins
mordant - vinegar

dyed - curry + elderberries
mordant - ?
This fabric I am currently using for the puppies from 'Puppy Love' by Margaret Sherry

dyed - fennel
mordant - ?
 In real life the colour is brighter ... more orangy peach.
dyed - paprika
mordant - ?

? count (larger squares than 14)
dyed - red onion skin
mordant - none?
 I am giving some of this away in my giveaway - click here - for details.
22 count
dyed - turmeric
mordant - ?
Again picture does no justice ... the colour is more clean in real life - light peach.
14 count
dyed - onion skins
mordant - none?
 again less grey more light yellow (close to ochre)
16 count
dyed - little of turmeric + basil + marigold mixture
mordant - ?

Probably overall the closeups ended up worser than the whole together capture for the fabric colours.

Anyhow just wanted to share some of the gorgeous fabric that I own. These are all of the ones my mum has dyed. But I have also purchased quite a few pieces during the exams stress... so now I have a little draw of stash.

I have two more small finishes to share ... but till the next post ... and maybe by then I will have my third.


Yes, a few more to share. 

#1 - Special (floss) Give-away @ Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe
One of my favourite regular give-aways ... of course I never win. And this one for entering someone else rather than yourself. But I love looking at the dyed floss ... and keep promising as soon as I sort my finances out I will invest in a more independent floss than DMC/Anchor. It is right at the top with purchasing my very first LHN. 

To enter click here.
Deadline: 30th July 2013.

#2 - French Giveaway @ EmiliaSoVa
The lady creates gorgeous dolls; and generously is having a giveaway for some beautiful fabrics.

To enter click here.
Deadline: 15th June 2013

#3 Fabric Giveaway @ MoiSkrapinki
A very creative lady is having a generous giveaway of some of her fabrics.

So, take a peak at her blog.

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Deadline: 8th July 2013

#4 Giveaway @ Murzilka Moya
Some more fabric being given away:

The fabric:

But the lady is also giving away some other bits and bobs so take a look at her blog.

To enter click here.
Deadline: 15th July 2013.

And for my last to be mentioned giveaway there is something very pretty:

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Deadline: 15th July 2013

Till soon, when I will show off my small finishes.



  1. Wow sweet hand dyed fabric.
    Big hugs x

  2. What GORGEOUS fabrics! I really like the color of #9. What amazing colors you can get just from basic kitchen stuff!

  3. Wow, Lija! You are so lucky to have your mom as your personal fabric-dying expert! I know it's hard to get the actual colors to show up with a camera. I can't wait to see what you choose to stitch on all of these!

  4. Oh wow Lija, your mom does a great job in dying fabrics! Never tried it, but I would love to :)

  5. Interesting colors received your mom.
    Such a cool marbled.

    1. Thank you, I am lucky to have such a talented mum.

  6. The fabric is just amazing! Does the smell linger after you've finished? I have used fruit tea before now and it smells wonderful as you stitch on it.

    The natural colours are just so vibrant.