Saturday, 13 July 2013

TUSAL - post 7, several finishes, new favourite online shop and some giveaways to share ...

Dear all,

I am going to Edinburgh tomorrow to visit the zoo and their pandas! I am very excited. And it is my graduation (again) next Wednesday ... so there are tonnes of excitement in my life.

On to updates.


July 2013

2013 so far and July

2013 so far with July 

So many orts ... will need to push them into the glass soon ... or get a larger jar.

Some finishes and a new favourite shop:

The new shop came recommended by the amazing Sarah of 'Sarah in Stitches'. Click HERE to see her blog.

And the shop (you might ask) is The Floss Box. To check it out click HERE.

It has long been my desire to stitch a biscornu or two, so I have asked Sarah what shop would she recommend, and she was kind enough to respond with some suggestions. At the Floss Box the charts can be either downloaded, sent to you by email or post. I stuck to downloading ... and had them immediately on payment. They are also quite cheap and could be bought with paypal. I bought 4 so far, and have stitched 2 already (3rd is in progress).

The finishes include:

Biscornu #105:

I have used slightly different colours by Anchor:

and this is how it came out:


Biscornu #330
This biscornu is in monochrome. I used DMC 69 on black fabric. The thread is variated colour.


I love how this one turned out, though it took longer than expected to stitch it. I do have the final puppy by Margaret Sherry to show you ... but I'll leave that for a separate post.


To enter you need 2 messages:
Deadline: 17th July 2013

#2 - 50 followers giveaway @ Heather's Stitches
A lady that I follow is currently celebrating reaching 50 followers with some stationary and tea giveaway (I do love tea).

To enter click HERE
Deadline: 31st July 2013

#3 - 60th Birthday giveaway @ Everybody loved Clark
It was recently brought to my attention that this lady is having an extremely generous giveaway. So I am passing on the information (which to be fair most of you already have).

To enter click HERE
Deadline: 15th July 2013

#4 - 200 Followers Bunny giveaway @ Cross Stitch Cottage
It seems only recently did this lady celebrate her 100 followers giveaway, but she is becoming increasingly popular; pop along to see her knitting and embroidery creations ... and her magnificent cat. I need one of those.

To enter click HERE.
Deadline: 31st July 2013

#5 - A spotty giveaway @ PatchMania
A lady who creates some great patchwork is having a giveaway. I am so jealous of the quality of her photos. 

love the spots ...

To enter click HERE
Deadline: 25th July 2013

#6 - Giveaway @ A House by the Sea
Another kind giveaway:

To enter click HERE
Deadline: 24th July 2013

#7 - Varnish/Silk giveaway @ Sunny world of Yamir
This lady is doing two giveaways ... silk yarn and nail varnish.

To enter click HERE
Deadline: 20th July 2013

#8 Giveaway with a surprise @ Handmade by Natulja
Another blog I have discovered where a lady makes adorable toys from linen. I will begin my own soon ... I promise (my will be fluffy and cute ... I think)

To enter click HERE
Deadline: 25th July 2013

#9 - 2nd blogaversary Giveaway @ Sub Rosa Cross Stitch blog
A lady that I follow is having a giveaway of 3 cushions! There will be 3 winners. She designs some lovely designs. One could lose track of all the things I want to buy.

But if you are not the winner or are and want the patterns the lady is giving them free if you purchase one of her charts (till 31st July 2013). I might be very tempted by this (will wait for my pay first to see if I can afford a little stash enhancement).

To enter click HERE.
Deadline: 20th July 2013

Till soon,


  1. Aw, so many giveaways! I like the site you mentioned as well as Sarah's blog :D wich I'm already following.

    The black biscornu is fantastic! Can't wait to see it finished!

    And...Congrats for the graduation!!!! I can Imagine how excited you are!



  2. Have a nice time in Edinburgh.:)
    Good luck with the graduation.:)
    It will turn out a very nice biscornu.Check out these biscornus Lija,I love Sablaise's patterns...:)
    Good luck with the giveaways.:)


  3. Thanks very much for all the info, found some lovely blogs I didn't know about too.

    Have a great time at Edinburgh Zoo and at your graduation!

  4. Hello Lija
    I hope you enjoy the zoo and your graduation day (congratulations)
    Your biscornu are looking beautiful!
    Thanks for the giveaway info (and for including mine!).
    Happy weekend (:

  5. Hello dear,
    I hope you enjoy the zoo and your graduation day congratulations dear...
    The biscornu are looking beautiful!
    Big hugs x

  6. Your biscornus look gorgeous already! I love the color you chose for the second one. Can't wait to see how they turn out! :D

  7. Thank you for mentioning my giveaway. I'm following you now too!

  8. Thank you for mentioning the giveaways. I love the black biscornu; totally yummy

  9. Great post, LIja - I will have to check out all of these giveaways tonight when I get home from work. Loved the new online shop and your biscornus are looking good!

  10. The Floss Box has so many adorable patterns. Your biscornus look great so far! Have a great time at the zoo! I love going to zoos.

  11. Your stitching is beautiful and I like the way you collect all of the give-aways and share them.