Sunday, 30 November 2014

Sheep #1.12 and #1.13, Stitch from Stash - November, and another great giveaway by Nancy ...

Dear all,

Sorry for being off the grid for a bit. I had a craft fair last weekend. It went okay. Made some sales ... spent about 3 times what we made. It was nice, though I am starting to notice that more and more the sellers are quite depressed and upset. Surely that shouldn't happen. But hey ho, with people not buying, and it being your livelihood I am not surprised. I guess I am lucky that I did not pick art or craft as my job. There are those lucky few ... but in most cases you need a cool head for business that would outshine the love of your craft.

Anyhow ... I will need to post two weeks worth of stitching (again ... sigh).

Okay 1,200 stitches:

And 1,300 stitches:

I have a feeling it will be finished soon.

Stitch from stash update ... I think this is about 2 days late.

This is going to be trying as I have not properly counted ...  £/$ 45.03 was the carry forward at the close of September ... I spent a total of £2 in October on charts from a charity shop. Sorry need to upload some pictures of those. They quite old/vintage looking. And that months allowance gets me to £/$ 68.03 as at the beginning of this month (November) ... and with this months a total of £/ $ 93.03.

What I actually bought this month ... of course more exciting than actually saying how much I am allowed to spend:


I can't believe I actually bought it!!! It is 'Miserable Old Twit-Too' by Judy Rossouw. I have been trying to find this pattern/kit for some time ... as you know I am getting quite a collection of charts by this artist. And this definitely a one that I was missing. 

I also bought some charts from Love thy Thread ... only till tomorrow left to buy (I think) or was the latest email saying Friday. I think it is tomorrow. My purchases (some will be exempt as per official exemption in the email ... on account of shop closure).

Winter Geisha £6.00

Scaredy Cat £2.40

Alley by the Lake - exempt

Quiet Town - exempt

3 Little Witches - exempt

Autumn Leaves - exempt
I had some issues with Autumn Leaves as I was unable to download it ... I have emailed and got the chart in an email (only issue it is black and white) ... I hope I get it in colour instead ... I don't see myself stitching many many many pages just in black. 

So that makes it £/$ 65.15 allowed for a carry over. 

And a giveaway by Nancy next week ... I am cutting it short (I blame the lack of posting!!!).

Click here for the 3rd Day of Christmas giveaway of hand dyed threads ... Entry by 3rd of December!!!

And I will leave you with another Christmassy item just added to my easy shop ...

Ain't he a cute little fella ... available to buy HERE.

Till soon,

Sunday, 16 November 2014

A random assemble of facts ... Wipocalypse - November, the sheep #1.10 and #1.11, giveaways and Christmas cards

Hello all,

Thank you for all your good wishes. I have finally got internet sorted and life moves on. I am truly a digital age girl ... no internet and functioning becomes difficult ... bank account ends up going overdrawn and charges pile (phew did not happen this time round), another knitting pattern sells on ebay and I have no clue I need to post! If you like knitting and looking for patterns. I have a 'few' listed HERE (big thank you to my sister who helped me list them all). I have it set up that postage discounts apply automatically to UK buyers, for international I can do manually (but I think ebay only lets this happen for auction style listings). So let me know if you are interested in that.

Wipocalypse ... I have missed a month again with this whole lack of internet.

'Harmony' by the amazing Nancy of thVictorian Motto Sampler Shoppe has loads of progress on it: 

This is due to all that travelling I done in the last few months. It is hard to keep changing colours when you are on the train, hence this is a perfect project. Also Nancy is having a few giveaways ... so exciting ... it is the famous Christmas countdown she did the previous year. Look below for more info.

More stitching was done on 'Venice' by Michael Powell:

Well this is a little of an understatement as I am about a page and a half done and this is just slightly an old photo of progress you haven't seen. I have been working mostly on this so another update later on ... and then I have diverted to a different project. But next time.

My sheep progress is as follows:

1000 stitches

1000 stitches

And the next 100 stitches ... I need to really stop skipping weekends or I will get confused in photos by this rate.

1100 stitches

1100 stitches

I think it is really coming along.

Remember I said I was having a giveaway. Well not that many people entered so I have two winners. Snoopy and Sarah. Congratulations girls! 

The system is a little bit stuck, and it says the order is being processed so hopefully it will be with you soon.

And to leave it on a positive note. The above mentioned Nancy's giveaway ...

The 1st Day of Christmas giveaway over at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

 And the 1st prize is hand dyed fabric.

And speaking of Christmas ... there are some handmade Christmas cards by me over at my Etsy shop. There is even hand drawn/painted detail on some.

Click HERE.

Till soon,

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sheep #1.9 and Stitch from Stash October + giveaway that I'm having...

Hello all,

Let's hope this post is not a massive failure. I am attempting to post from my phone (not great). I hoped to have had internet by now and after 10 working days wait for the line to connect all would have seemed perfect until I discovered that there was no actual line... or the one that worked. Hmmm. You know what the nice man said to me after I described my issue? Have you tried resetting? Switching on and off? I'm not that technologically behind. So after 40 minutes he decided to notify me that the line wasn't working.

My phone (same provider) has been extremely patchy, so let's hope this works. Sorry girls for not updating sheep as regularly as I should (I have been stitching just unable to post). Speaking of stitching I went a little crazy and ehm watched about 5 films in a row with lots and lots of stitching! Can't wait to show my progress on my latest wip. But you'll have to wait since I am a pain.

900 stitches
Another update tomorrow. I hope. We'll see how my phone feels like. I get my emails streamed to it... which works better than online connection... well lets say they sometimes stop coming for a few days.

Next up is the stitch from stash update. Mel was so nice to log me on an email from my patchy phone. She is so understanding. Anyhow my spend was only £2 (or $) . I bought a file with some patterns from a charity shop. They are a bit hit and miss, but a few are okay. Sorry limiting on pictures (or my internet will definitely stop working). Similarly with rest of report. Sufficient to say I haven't been spending much in the recent months. Moving is expensive.

Anyhow onto other news. I think it is time for a giveaway. Love thy Thread is having a 40% discount (and I already bought some) but more on that in the next stitch from stash post. For now (let's hope th e offer doesn't end tomorrow hehehe) I am going to have a giveaway of a chart. Which one? One essentially of your choosing. You will need to give me an email and I think that will let me access your wish list. And you will get one through a download. I have promised a giveaway awhile back but kept putting it aside due to craziness. But I decided craziness might take awhile to depart. So by that time I might have a physical giveaway of stash etc. 

Deadline will be next Sunday. The 16th, 10am my time (i.e. UK). That way I can let you know the winner in the post of sheep (I am hoping the internet situation improves by then. You should be a follower. Either a 'reply' blogger or list your email in the post. Will need to have 10 charts on your wish list (at least that is)... so I can expand my list and the gift be a pleasant surprise. 

If we are told the event is being withdrawn... the giveaway might happen earlier so comment on this post to enter. 

Till tomorrow (or today) for my next 10 stitches on the sheep. It's looking really good.

Thank you for all you lovely comments,


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sheep #1.8 and TUSAL (october one as I missed september)

Hello all,

Life is still extremely hectic. I am still moving (sigh). How long could it possibly take?! as well as the fact that most of my stuff is still up North! So I just don't understand. I am back in my old place for some pre-moving out cleaning, a shower and laundry.  So hence a post on time.

Internet in my new place will most likely take an extra 2 weeks to sort. Oh well the next update might be from my phone, and will be a massive failure.

800 stitches
Photo taken by my phone as my computer refuses to recognise the memory stick with the camera chip in it. Well annoying. So now I am wondering what all the pink is about. Last time I complained about grey, now its pink. 

Also my TUSAL update on all the orts I collected since moving down South:

Sarah, Anne, Kaye ... sorry girls I will need to catch up with your updates soon, but I am struggling at the moment with lack of internet (even on the phone ... signal is quite patchy at my new place) and also lots of work. I love my new job, and so excited for the overtime ... I just can't believe how the time flies. I was working along to the usual buzz of the office just to realise that it went dead quiet, no photocopying, no phones no chatting or typing. Everyone left for lunch! and I did not even notice.

Also thank you all for your wonderful comments, sorry for no replies or blog visits. Promise to try my best to improve.

Till soon I hope.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sheep #1.6 and #1.7

Dear all,

Sorry for missing last Sunday's update ... but with this moving houses still on the go (yet again sigh) I end up spending more time at my new place, tidying, constructing furniture, and not enough time at the old place (where the internet is).

As I need to catch a train soon. This will have to be quite a short update. So here are the pictures...

600 stitches

700 stitches

Sarah's latest update could be found here. The quality of her photographs always puts mine to shame.

I still need to check Anne's and Kaye's progress. I better run for train. I will try to come back to my old place during the week ... so I can update on my other progress.

Till soon (I hope),

Monday, 6 October 2014

Wipocalypse - September 2014 report...

Oh dear ... almost October post time (2 days time!). So what I will do is post only one update for now (a photo I took before moving at the end of August ... that way it is fair and all the progress that belongs to October will be hopefully up soon.

Christmas Candle (HAED):

July 2014

September 2014
 I have essentially worked on filling in more hair.  And you can see most of it done here:

September 2014 closeup
Unfortunately I had to leave this wip behind up North due to its size. I will try to work on it the next time I visit, but not much progress will be done on this one for some time.

Till soon,

P.S. Who is your favourite person to stitch for, or do you prefer to keep your stitching yourself? I tend to mostly stitch for me or rather my box of finishes, but I do also stitch for mum (remember the Fizzy Moon bears, and attempt at Sara Moon for 2 birthdays ago that is still in progress), and also for selling (remember the gingerbread man?). 

Click HERE to see it on Etsy

Isn't he cute ... all ready for Christmas. Albeit it was last year that I stitched him (but a little too late for Christmas). There are some biscornus also available.  And just one more picture down the memory lane of my favourites (with the Snowflower Diaries design on that sold last October):

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sheep #1.5

Dear all,

Today is just quick check in for my sheep progress. You can definitely see where I went wrong in this project [sigh]. I don't normally start out - in, but as I wanted to see how badly placed it would be I ended up stitching the boarder before anything else.

500 stitches

Sarah's progress can be found HERE. Somehow hers looks a lot more bright and cheery (I blame the sad positioning of mine).

I have had yet another adventure by the trains this weekend. I went to visit my sister. I got so excited that the train journey was meant to be 2.5 hours (from a station about 20 minutes away) - last time was 4.5 hours with the slower trains and minor delays. As if. It ended up being more like 7 hour trip there! I have been at about 6 or 7 different stations (sent from one to another in view of cancelled trains). To summarise there was a signal failure near Chichester (reason behind the 1st lot of trains getting cancelled), then electrical failure (the reason behind the rest of the trains to where  I was going getting cancelled), and how exciting when I got to the last directed station that was meant to have bus replacement services ... we were told no bus replacements were coming. In the end I had to get an exciting 2 hour something odd trip on the local bus ... squashed with my suitcase and legs criss crossed. The worst part was that as I was not settled for any part of the journey I didn't get any stitching done. But I made up on the way back, which for most part was direct and only had an hour wait till the next train along... I just popped into town and bought a lot of candles.

Anyhow I better disappear. Watch out for the progress on the 'Harmony' coming up soon.