Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Stitch from Stash - August 2014

Dear all,

Just a quick check-in, as I am in the process of packing up to move tomorrow. The saddening part is that I cannot take all my stash with me, so had to be a little selective of few projects that I will work on in the next few months before I get a chance to travel back up North for the weekend.

My shopping last month was mainly fabrics. Hmm most of which I have to leave behind (ignore the grey undertone of my photo taking).

Mostly evenweave, just one 18 count (bottom picture left). Total cost £36.25 and £15 for a dmc 310 cone (sorry no picture). Total spend £51.25

Minus £25 (£/$) exemption ... I have £/$26.25 - £/$21.28 (previous month carried forward) ... £/$4.97 from current month's £/$25 .... so that is a total of £/$20.03 to carry to next month. It is a good thing we had the exemption this month or I wouldn't have made it.

Till soon,

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Smalls #7 - late again ... my first LHN finish

Hello all,

Just realised this morning that the month has already almost rolled into the next set of updates and I have still one from last month to let you know about.

My finish from last month is Little Sheep Virtue - No.2 or "Love" by Little House Needleworks:

I have stitched it in recommended colours/with suggested button 35 count cocoa. I hate this count (as I can only stitch in daylight with such small holes) but all the sheep will need to be on it now.  

Till soon,

Sunday, 10 August 2014

Wipocalypse - August 2014 report ...

Hello all,

Since the last Wipocalypse update was very late hence subsequently the current one has little progress to show. So just a quick post ...

Venice Palazzo by Michael Powell:

July 2014

August 2014

Till soon,

P.S. Oldest and Newest wip ... the newest you have just above. It is the latest start and the most loved wip at the moment. The oldest is 'Tending the Flock'. (To see it click on the Wipocalypse tab.) It comes from the days when I just restarted my cross stitch endeavours and is stitched in 4 strands. I liked my work bulky when I was younger, but now I sort of find it hard to stitch.

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Wipocalypse and TUSAL update - July 2014 (two months worth)

Hello all,

I have internet again! Feels very strange to be able to access emails and other necessities of life in a few moments. I am going to move South in September, so desperately trying to find a place to live. It is harder than I originally thought. Oh well, persevere, persevere, persevere.

This is belated (nothing new). So hopefully I can get all the late July posts out of the way and move on to the promised giveaway. But before I can do that I do need to look at my stash again, just to see what I no longer need.

First up is TUSAL ... with the baby orchid. Remember I have mentioned that one of my orchids had a baby (or keiki as they are known), well this young plant that has been potted on its own for only 5 months has now flowered!


Christmas Candle (HAED)

May 2014

July 2014
Almost there. A bit more on the hair and leaves and a page finish is slowly coming along.

QS Poisonous Beauties:

May 2014

July 2014
Cabin Fever

September 2012

July 2014

There is not much progress on this one, but some progress is better than none, and after almost two years of no stitching this is now hopefully turning into a wip.

I have a few starts as well:

MSherry SAL update:

'Spring bouquet' by Margaret Sherry from CrossStitch Crazy issue 174 (March 2013):
July 2014
I feel a bit light headed by Judy Rossouw (Anchor kit)

July 2014

A close up if you can't see what I have stitched
Brollies (Heritage Crafts):

July 2014

Venice Palazzo by Michael Powell:

July 2014

and thats how huge the entire design is!

I know my starts are a little pathetic, but hey ho maybe they will grow by the next update.

Till soon,

P.S. in view of Wipocalypse question (always forget them). I haven't started any Christmas stitching. Not sure when (or even if) I will get around to that.

Sunday, 27 July 2014

Smalls #6 - very late

Hello all,

Encouraged by the relative success of the last post I have decided to update you on my last month's Smalls progress. I was sad to realise this morning that I missed last month's TUSAL, oh well that's what happens when internet goes off for almost a month.

Last month I have finished another letter by Nancy Turner of the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. It is another A.

It was done on evenweave dyed with onion skins (aluminium mordant) by my mum. Stitched using Nancy's hand dyed floss: 1765 Burnt Russet, which I won in one of her generous giveaways. Speaking of generous giveways... I was also lucky enough to win more floss from Nancy. And I would obviously brag (but sigh I am updating from the phone). So I will share a photo of the chosen threads soon (along with a gorgeous new quaker sampler start).

I will update this month's Smalls (I do have a finish) and TUSAL in the next day or so.

Till soon,


Thursday, 24 July 2014

Stitch from Stash #7 (attempt post from a phone)

Hello all,

Sorry for a very long gap. Hope I haven't lost anyone in the process. I do have a good excuse for not posting (and even missing last week's Wipocalypse post - and I never do that). I have no internet! No internet and no phone line for 3 weeks and 2 days! I have spend about an hour on phone to EE tonight apparently the most 'reliable network' and also with whom you can check an existing fault online. The first adviser put me on hold for over 20 minutes and once the phone got taken off hold somebody else was asking what company I am calling from! And then hung up on me! The second adviser was a little better promised not to put me on hold, so I spent a further 15 minutes in silence. Apparently I will have an update in 24 hours and someone will start digging (again) tomorrow. How many times have I heard this over the past 3 weeks! Oh well maybe this person will actually follow through and update me. I also spent (on top of paying for line and internet that isn't working) £5.99 to have some internet on phone. And attempting my 1st post via the phone! Soooo proud.

Onto nice things... you'd think after my spree month I would not need to buy anything, well actually it turns out I did:

I bought 2 charts from love thy thread (half price) and I just had to have all three in my collection. And also I bought a metre and a bit of evenweave at a pretty good price when I was down south.

So a total of £22 spend this month. And so that makes a $/£ 21.28 to carry through to next month!

I hope this works and I can do few updates over the phone while internet is getting fixed.

Also as a small apology and a sign of joy (I have some changes going on in my life at the moment - will share later) I promise to have a giveaway soon.

Till soon I hope,


Saturday, 28 June 2014

Stitch from Stash report #6 ... this is my skip month, get ready to drool and faint ...

Dear all,

Get ready to drool ... ready? Well this is my skip month, so I have spent loads. Some women love bags, others love shoes, me ... I go for cross stitch. Lets say I am not looking forward to my credit card bill next month.

Some of you might remember the free postage offer Maja of the Snowflower Diaries had. Well, I contacted the lady to enquire about a few charts, then thread, and fabric. She is so lovely!

chart, fabric, and threads

charts, fabric, and threads
By then I spent over the monthly budget and needed to decide whether I was not going to buy one of the fabrics and replace with one of my own ... or use up the skip month. And as per last month's advise. Use skip month wisely and buy, buy, buy ... 

chart and threads
I bought one more. Click here to see all charts available to buy. And don't forget Maja has loads of free charts too on her blog here.

And I can actually share what arrived! As the package came yesterday, while I was at work and it was a lovely surprise to come to.

some threads Maja offered to send along with the purchase
And oh my goodness, she also sent me an extra chart! She is one generous lady.

But my shopping did not stop here!

I bought a chart from Gaynor of the Stitchers Anon Cross Stitch Designs

click here to go to her website. It was 3 Euros on sale. I just couldn't resist. 

Then there was a purchase from Love Thy Thread:


After I purchased it, I was offered a 20% discount for registering with the website ... so of course I had to buy a few more:

Bewitched Park


New Age Cross Stitch e-zine

All available to buy from here.

I bought 4 charts from Tilton crafts, 'Alice Series (Mizoguchi)':

Click here to buy or view.

I bought three charts from Livia Rovaris. The sheep have made an appearance on HAED page on facebook (not that they are extremely relevant to HAED stitching .... but sooooo cool). 

All available from here with reasonable postage.

Some more charts from Nancy of the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe:

All available to buy from her eBay shop (there is a sale on at the moment). Click here.

I also made my first purchase from 123 and although I have an eye out on some kits and charts I felt I could not justify anymore stash in those departments ... so I bought some fabric instead (sigh I know I know this is a mad spree).

32 Count 18 x 27
Vinatage Country Mocha Belfast Linen

32 Count 18 x 27
Country Vintage Pebble Belfast Linen

32 Count 18 x 28
Vintage Cork Belfast Linen

And finally 32 Count Vintage Autumn Field Belfast Linen 18 x 27 which is now unavailable on 123 so I cannot copy an image over.

Available to buy from here.

Oh and I almost forgot ... also some Anchor threads enhancement:

50 anchor threads for £6.94 not bad

Oh no, no, no ...  last minute I could not resist and bought 3 kits from Michael Powell:

I will stitch them as one. There is a sale on until Sunday (up to 20%). So I saved on that and will get 2 extra charts (Greek Village and Mini Cottage 1) - as per what the email said, plus as I am registered for emails so I got an extra 5% discount. 

I better sign off before I remember a last minute purchase that I needed to make.