Wednesday, 13 November 2019

A belated Halloween finish ...

Dear all

A finish ...'Scaredy Cat' by Love thy Thread.

I was trying to stitch it as fast as I could for the Halloween, however ended up a bit late on the finish. But here it is...

Complete - November 2019
It was stitched on hand dyed fabric (by us at ILiNi designs HERE ). 

I believe I am now down to 88 projects ... and am slightly behind in my downsizing of stash. I am also at present visiting my sister, who has downsized her cross stitch chart and has returned a bunch of charts and kits I shared with her at some stage in the past. I think I will need to reassess my stash on my return home.

Until soon

Sunday, 27 October 2019

Halloween is fast approaching ... part 2

Dear all

Some progress on 'Scaredy Cat' by Love thy Thread ... (the quality of photo is not the best).

WIP - 27 October 2019

With only 5 days remaining until Halloween... time is quickly running out. I'm really loving this project. The fabric used is hand dyed. 

Until soon,


Sunday, 20 October 2019

Halloween is fast approaching ...

Dear all

I was hoping to finish stitching Tobermory, however got a little distracted with some other patterns in my stash.

The plan was to pick the next couple of projects to follow Tobermory; as I wanted to pick charts rather than kits I was unsure whether I had all the threads already for the projects. In any case I got a little bit excited about sorting out my stash.

Whilst sorting the stash I came across some Halloween designs I wanted to stitch up next. I then realised that if I continued with my then current project I would not have enough time pre Halloween.

So here I am ... 'Scaredy Cat' by Love thy Thread.

WIP - October 2019

With some stitchy luck I may be able to finish by Halloween. I have been stitching for a week and am about one third into the project ... so need to apply double effort across the next week. Fingers (or thread) crossed for me.

Until soon,

Sunday, 13 October 2019

Tobermory - some progress

Dear all

Some progress on Tobermory ...

WIP - 13/10/19
I was a little bit disappointed at the progress I have made on this ... however I have only been stitching it for a week and two weekends. And to put it in perspective some progress has been made.

A finish would have been lovely. And perhaps this can be achieved in a week or two. I only have the boat, the water and some backstitching to do. We will wait and see.

Until soon,

Sunday, 6 October 2019

Stitch before it's gone ... stitching from stash and lack of progress ...

Deal all

Very little progress on my stitching this week. I have been trying to stitch just a little every morning ... a sort of morning ritual. And this week it seemed either I started super early at work or had to travel for a day to London, or just did not have that much time to spare. So have been playing some catch up other the weekend.

Anyhow here is to progress however small. This is Tobermory by Susan Ryder (Heritage Collection). I started it awhile ago, but I do not think I ever photographed progress. I have decided to use my own fabric.

WIP - 6 October 2019
I am aiming for this to be my next win. By my plan I need to downsize four more projects this month either through stitching them or by saying good bye ... so I better get my head down and stitch. Here is to 'stitch before it's gone' my personal stitching challenge.

Until soon,

Sunday, 29 September 2019

Wipocalypse, an actual finish, slow downsizing and taking stock ...

Dear all

I may be a little early on the Wipocalypse update ... as the link is not up yet. However it is 29 September where I am and I am super excited.

I have finally finished 'Spring Bouquet' by Margaret Sherry. A design I started stitching back in 2014! That is 5 years ago! And here it is (I have just finished it after a couple of weeks of intense stitching ... backstitching alone took two weeks ... and in my excitement to post I have not washed of the grid marker ... fail):

Complete - September 2019

Complete - September 2019
The fabric is gorgeous ... and perfectly suits the colour scheme. The fabric was a gift from a fellow blogger Sarah a number of years ago.  I may make it into a cushion.

Also last month has seen the following finish (I have blogged about it awhile ago ... I decided not to include Home Sweet Home amongst the wins):

Complete - September 2019
by the Snowflower Diaries

After a spell of non blogging and minimal stitching I am super happy to rediscover this hobby I had. I am, as you may have already gathered, also stitching down my stash one project at a time. I am down to 89 projects (if I am to be honest I am excluding a couple of magazines I kept back as well).

Coming up in October I need to stitch or say good bye to four more projects to be on track to downsize to 75 by the end of the year.  Does the sheer volume of projects make you also freeze up? Unaware what to stitch next?

Until soon,

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Sunday, 22 September 2019

Margaret Sherry and more stash downsizing ...

Dear all

You know I have been ranting about the desire to be a minimalist in all areas of my life ... well when you have over 100 stashed project this is not something that can be easily achieved. Last month with a lot of caffeine I was taking stock ... and was considering whether I can actually downsize to 50 .... doubtful. How about 75 ... slightly more doable ... with 5 projects a month to be downsized either through completion or letting go.

If I am going to stick to this new rule (until it drives me crazy or I get bored with it) I need some accountability ... and where else to post my wins and losses than here ... I cannot believe it but I have made the target this September. I had two finishes in September and was ready (yesterday) to list three more projects on eBay.

Well talking of going for easy wins to achieve this... I was hoping to get this little one finished quickly and after consistent stitching over the past two weeks I am still going. So not quite an easy win I was hoping for. The Cross Stitch Crazy magazine does say this projects takes approximately 55 hours so I am unsure what I was thinking ... even with half the stitching done that was never going to be a quick win.

The Spring Bouquet by Margaret Sherry ...

WIP- September 2019

Excuse the bad lighting (it is a grey rainy morning here in the UK). Fingers crossed that I can do all the backstitching in the week ahead ... and will be one project down towards my October target.

There is still time to enter my giveaway this month by commenting on the post that can be found HERE.

Until soon,