Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Stitch from Stash - June 2015 and I am back

Month: June 2015
Spent: £0
Earned: £0

Dear all,

This is short and sweet post just to stay I have spent £0 and earned the same.

I have now finished my exams, and managed to somewhat recuperate so will be back to blogging shortly. I am in the process of catching up on my sheep and everything else.

Till soon (with something longer),

Friday, 29 May 2015

Stitch from Stash - May 2015 and me going MIA ...

Month: May 2015
Spent: £17.42
Earned: £8.00

Dear all,

Well I really wanted to make it to deadline for this post so hopefully it is on time.

Sew and So had a 10% discount ... with which I had a massive problem ... it put discount through then reduced the amount further when going through the payment (I was going aaaaa has it removed items due to unavailability or something)... and then the system deducted the full amount without the discount from my bank. It was an interesting sort of glitch. I emailed the company and regardless of it being the bank holiday Monday (the 1st one of May) had a lovely girl named Lisa email me back and apologise for inconvenience etc etc ... she unfortunately couldn't refund me the 10% straight away (bank holiday issue) but we got there in the end.

I bought three charts and corresponding buttons (for the Little Sheep Virtues SAL I am doing with Sarah):

and that's it ... I am officially banning me from buying (or so I hope).


I did have a finish (that I am allowed to count the earnings for anyway ... my Winter Friends was not officially 'stash' as it was bought and stitched straight away):

click HERE for the original post
It was 61 x 61 ... so £8 earned.

And finally just to let you know I am going MIA for a wee bit. Just till my exams are done. Which will be a week on Tuesday! I am yet to reach the passing stage (55% on average) judging from practice questions ... but all is not lost ... or so I hope. And then I can catch up with everything stitchy.

Till soon,

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Sheep #4.1

Dear all,

Long time no post... and my first post of Faith of Little Sheep Virtues that I am attempting (again a week late) to stitch along with Sarah. As always if anybody fancies joining ... you can. Even if just for one sheep.

201 stitches
Randomly enough I could not stop myself at 200 and hence why this photo has 201 stitches. I normally stitch half crosses in one direction (a row) and the the other half crosses back ... so it is sometimes difficult when a row is with a similar number of stitches I need to complete a block to stop.

I have been feeling slightly low recently. It must be the stress. Remember the study I have done back in February, well the three exams are coming up beginning of June and I feel I am unprepared. I try to make me study every weekend and evening, but it is always discouraging to see the pace this revision is going at and the amount of knowledge that I retain from it. People do say that the older we get the harder it is to keep the knowledge.

Okay off to study and making revision notes. Have a great remainder of the weekend. I promise I will catch up soon.

Till soon,


Saturday, 9 May 2015

It's all about Alice ...

Dear all,

Be warned this post is not about cross stitch (much) ... it is all about Alice.

You know how I bought that kit recently of 'Alice and Dodo' ... then there is my 'Alice Enchanted' by Jasmine Becket-Griffith (HAED) which I am planning to start this year and another 'Alice and Snow White' by the same artist/company which is somewhere listed on my stash list along with 4 charts by Mizogucki 'Alice Series' (Tilton Crafts). Phew what a mouthful. Well do you think I am a little obsessed.

Justine pointed out to me that it is 150 anniversary for Alice. Sometimes I'm so clueless what goes on around me.

Etsy announced a competition run in conjunction with or rather by British Library - redesigning Alice, and entry to be based on the original book 'Alice's Adventures Under Ground'.

Well we have decided to enter (you know as I am a little obsessed with this old little lady). Our entry could be found HERE. And here are the pictures ...

I always thought Alice was not a blonde ... and there is an entire school of thought that seems would agree with me.


As always I was in charge of needle sculpting face and hands, hand drawing the face and hair ...

The rest is pretty much my very skilled mum with some help from my sister (who is also the talented photographer behind these wonderful photos).

Her arms and legs are connected by buttons and are adjustable into various sitting positions.

And look how cute she looks from the back:

You don't want to know what I went through to get her hair so perfect! I know we are unlikely to win... but somebody did say it is taking part that matters. And we had so much fun designing and creating her. We are looking into making the rabbit next.

Do go over and check out the listing ... even if just to be that extra number on my stats feed.

Till soon with actual cross stitch ...


Thursday, 7 May 2015

Exchange and/or Winter Friends finish ...

Dear all,

Sarah and I had an exchange recently. The theme was our favourite seasons.

Sarah's was winter ... and knowing how much she loves sheep I made her the following:

It is 'Winter Friends' by the Snowblower Diaries. (This was the chart I bought back in February).

this was what I sent - had to borrow the image from Sarah
as silly me forgot to photograph everything but the sheep
And this is what I received from Sarah:

I feel very spoilt ...

... lets say almost all of the tea is gone now ... a part from a few elusive bags I took with me to work and are now waiting for me to return from my secondment to another department.

And look at the wonderful biscornu Sarah made for me ... isn't she oh so wonderful and patient.

I always marvel at how she attaches the panels! And there is a cute button on top. My season which you probably have guessed by now was Autumn. 

Till soon,


Monday, 4 May 2015

Sheep #3.7 - complete

Dear all,

'Simplicity' which I was stitching with Sarah is now complete!

May 2015

I somewhat lost my way at the start of this sheep with various delays but now it is complete I am very happy. My third (or rather fourth finish ... if you count the exchange piece I haven't shared yet) of 2015.

May 2015

Till soon,

P.S.  Look out for my next sheep next Sunday.

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Stitch from Stash - April 2015 and sheep #3.6

Month: April 2015
Spent: £85.52
Earned: £18.00

Dear all,

I am very sorry for disappearing yet again. I find the more you have to share the harder it is to sit down and write ... I personally begin dreading all those photos and the uploading part. And where to start and where to finish.

Well I finally did it! I went on a spree (+some photos that I emitted back in February due to an exchange). I am yet to decide the following:

a) do I deserve it

b) can I actually afford this

Well to start with HAED had a 45% discount (sob) ... you know how I have a collection of these charts I will never ever have time to stitch ... well I couldn't resist two additions:

The Little Match Girl
Doesn't she look sad? I absolutely loved Hans Christian Andersen as a kid. Well with a pinch of sadness. After all the little girl dies ... well actually from what I remember everybody dies ... the Christmas tree ... the little mermaid. These three were my most memorable.

My second chart:

Tree of Life Ruby
I am already dreading the confetti (if I ever stitch this one). 

And you know what ... I finally did it ... I bought 'Alice and Dodo' by Tanya Bond (kit on 18 count).

Alice Dodo
See what I mean? First month that I am beginning to recover from credit card bills, utility bills and nobody knows what else. And what do I go and do? I get more pointless cross stitch that I will never complete (maybe I am being a little harsh on myself).

Very appalling! On the subject of appalling ... remember back in February I mentioned the order that I have been trying to order since November (it was allowed to be uncounted - as if it went through when it should have it would have been within the set budget for last year) ... well I now have some pictures.

Theodora chart
It is by the Snowblower Diaries and a thing of beauty! As it uses the threads by the Gentle Art I just got the chart. Then there was ...

Autumn Glory - chart, fabric, threads
Maja always packs her kits so well!

And the final order was Angela:

Angela - chart, fabric, threads
The only addition I made once the order went through is the following chart (it was included in my February report):

Winter Friends
I felt it was perfect for an exchange I was doing at the time. And what more Maja sent me the following chart extra (free of charge!) She is one generous lady.

The Rose Bush

And the other thing I bought back in February if you remember were some threads (which I can now share the picture of):

Some thread that I needed for the charts you just saw
(these were included in my spending budget back in February)

A note on earnings etc:

I have 'earned' from my recent finish of Ember II as follows:

Click HERE for the relevant post
220 x 220 fits 210 x 210 to 240 x 240 range which gives me £22. But as I had about a sixth done before January this then is reduced to about £18.

I had £64.39 carried forward (due to my lack of spending in previous months) + £25 for this month + £18 earned ... so I even have £21.87 to go to next month. For next half a year (starting from July) I might go a little stricter and decrease the allowance.

Sheep #3.6

I thought if would be nice to finish on a belated update of my sheep. It is almost complete. And I should have a finish for you soon.

1200 stitches
Hmm I am getting some very funky colour photography here (the project is not actually a shade of pink).

Till soon (I still haven't told you about the exchange Sarah and I had ... what did I say the more you have to share the harder it becomes to actually share),