Saturday, 15 June 2019

Bunny Love completion and new blog

Dear all

My podcast listening has continued across two weekends and I am pleased to report a finish!

This is a completed 'Bunny Love' by Judy Rossouw stitched in Anchor.

June 2019

June 2019

I wonder what can I achieve in one more weekend... I know it is not quite an entire weekend. I was stewarding an exhibition earlier, so am a little behind on the creative side. I do have a new start (also by Judy Rossouw) and a completed silk embroidery piece that I will be somehow attaching to a photo album ... that will be an interesting feat. 

Talking about my journey towards being a minimalist. I am still stitching down my stash, will be posting seven sold items on eBay (good bye cross stitch projects amongst other items), and have also started a blog documenting my thoughts and journey:

Until soon,

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Bunny Love and listening to podcast

Dear all

I have been having one of those great weekends. A weekend that I do not actually need to do much. My 'to do list' is finally only one page long and is being ignored for the time being. No studying or urgent work related tasks. I am in denial about needing to buy some train tickets to a wedding I have been invited to later this month. But I do need to look into it. My solution for a gift is silk ribbon embroidery (I will post a picture once it is complete ... I am getting close).

I am stitching and listening to podcasts. And I am giving 'Bunny Love' some love ...

I promise to add a picture of where I get to with it.

For the podcast I started listening to Dave Ramsey's, however I got a little tired of people calling up with similar issues (half are not relevant - I have no cars and pensions/children saving are different in the UK). I have been listening to it on the way to and from work since February and whenever I'd be cooking etc. I also started answering the questions in my head. Anyhow I thought I may need a little break from my gazelle intensity of cutting expenses down. By that I do not mean go and spend ... but focus on the other side of the equation ... make money.

So for the time being I am now listening to Christy Wright on my podcasts and reading Business Boutique in the mornings. She is one inspiring lady.

And of course continuing to stitch down my stash. Minimalism here I come!

Until soon,


Monday, 27 May 2019

Wiposalypse, sheep, bunnies, Sara Moon, another giveaway and minimalism

Dear all

I am slightly late with my entry, but better late than never.

Wipocalypse - May 2019 check in 

I have a finish to report:

May 2019 - Complete!!!

And I have moved on to the next sheep 'Kindness'. This is how far I have got to so far:

May 2019

Next up is 'Bunny Love' by Judy Rossouw (Anchor), on which I worked just a little. 

May 2019

And another project I have added to the list of work I would like to complete in 2019. It is 'Picture of elegance' of Sara Moon:

May 2019

I have had a look through my stash recently and I am very curious about the next project I will add to this list. Keep an eye out on the progress.

The question of the month is: Where do you love to shop for stash?
My answer is in my stash. You will understand why if you read a little bit about my journey to minimalism and financial freedom below.


The February's giveaway winner was Sue of Random Stitching. And the makeup bag was shipped on time (I just have not mentioned this on here yet due to lack of posting).

The next giveaway up for grabs is:

This is a handmade makeup or other purposes bag with a cross stitched summer witch (as can be seen in the picture). The cross stitch design is by the Snowflower Diaries. 

All you have to do is comment on this post before the end of June. And a winner will be contacted shortly afterwards, and announced in the next post after the end of June. 


As mentioned in my previous post I am on a journey to becoming a minimalist. If you have a look at my stash list you can start to imagine the difficulties I will face in reforming years of collecting and hoarding. 

In addition to discovering Marie Kondo, I have also started following the Dave Ramsey plan to financial freedom. I started it officially mid February and am busy with Baby Step 2. This is a step when you repay all your debt. And for those who have not come across this crazy gentleman before ... some of the things that you would not consider to be debt (e.g. car payments or a credit card that is paid off monthly) are. The deeper you sacrifice the quicker the success can be achieved.

I have been selling anything and everything on eBay as part of my minimising journey as it were. However I have been getting even more gazelle intense and have just went through my stash and am finally ready to say good bye to some of my cross stitch projects. Hopefully it will reinvigorate me into stitching more from my stash. It would be nice to decrease the projects both stashed and ongoing to 50. I have 101 officially listed in stash (however I do own a few magazines and projects I have  not got around to adding) and about 21 projects that have been started. Do you think this is doable?     

My big 'Why' that pivoted me towards this journey is a purchase of a home. If I am ever to move from the rented property I am in I would like to make the transition as smooth as possible without the need to hire two large vans! I discovered Dave Ramsey by chance and am now making the financial side of the equation possible as well.

Until hopefully soon,


Monday, 4 February 2019

Welcome back - Wipocalypse, sheep, bunnies, and a giveaway

Dear all

Welcome back. It seems I have been gone a while. Precisely for the full 2018 (and only two posts in 2017). New year comes with new resolutions, and one (or two) of mine are to blog and stitch more. So here I am. Humbly returning to the blogging sphere.

One of the things I loved a few years ago was participating in Wipocalypse SAL. So lets add that to my monthly posting list.

Wipocalypse - January 2019 check in

I like having a number of goals that I can hopefully tick off. I decided to make it easier for myself by picking one at the start of the month. I can then stitch on it or any prior month selection for the challenge.

In January I had little chance to stitch, however I picked up my lengthly ignored sheep. The desired goal is to finish them all (so far 6 done, 2 partially stitched, and 4 not started). I started them as part of a SAL a number of years ago... however fell off the grid since.

January 2019
There is only the remnants of the border left ... so hopefully I will have a finish for you next month.

I did start a new project last year 'Bunny Love' by Judy Rossouw (Anchor), although I have not blogged about it. It has progressed significantly in the initial push so here is the start image for my February goal.

January 2019
I'd love to get this one finished, however there is still quite a bit to go. So fingers crossed for this upcoming month and lots of progress.

Question of the Month: What SALs are you participating in this year?

I am participating in this one ... and maybe will join the Smalls SAL (if the sign up is still open) ... after all there are six sheep still to go (including the nearly finished one).


Sometime last year I have decided I wanted to be a minimalist. An interesting decision for a hoarder that took sometime to formulate in my head, and will take even longer to achieve. Many of you will understand what a difficult challenge that is (all you need to do is look at the amount of stash we stitchers accumulate!). And this is reflective of a lot of areas of my life. 

As part of the process of decluttering ... one needs to discard, sell and giveaway the items one no longer keeps. So for the embracing the giveaway ... I will host monthly giveaways. 

This is a handmade makeup or other purpose bag with a cross stitched winter witch (as can be seen in the picture). The cross stitch design is by the Snowflower Diaries.

Approximate measurements:

length: 16 cm
height: 10.5 cm
width of base: 3.5 cm (decreases to top)

All you have to do is comment on this post before the end of the month. And a winner will be announced in the first few days of March. Please make sure I can contact you.

Until soon,


Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Sheed # 9.2 - Kindness

Hello all,

Again I have been M.I.A. for a little bit.

Recently a colleague told me a quote by Winston Churchill...

... "Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm" ...

... but apparently he never said that.

My next 100 stitches on Kindness:

Thank you all for the lovely comments on my last post. It was definitely good to receive support. I keep telling myself I can cope, I can deal with it. But it whatever the mysterious 'it' is difficult. 

I am finally booked onto a revision course for my retake. I do hope it helps. The entire process has taken me about 5 weeks to organise. After I decided to tell myself to stop hiding my head in the sand I had a big decision to make ... where do I study ... do I go for something more expensive or do I just try again with the same place. After pondering this choice for a few weeks I came to a conclusion to go with the more expensive college, mainly as it is a residential course that is run mostly on weekends and came highly recommended. So I was saying ... I came to a conclusion to go with the more expensive provider... just to be told it was fully booked. But I am in luck as it turns out two weeks later, today, I was told they have a cancellation ... and I can have a place. Phew!

Until somewhat soon I hope.


Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Sheep # 9.1 - Kindness

Dear all

Again I am attempting to catch up on one thing or another. Blogging ... stitching...

Here are my first 100 stitches on Kindness by Little House Needleworks:

As you may know I am doing this as part of a SAL with Sarah. Who is definitely better at keeping to agreed time schedule than me. 

Until soon,


Saturday, 31 December 2016

2016 in review ...

Dear all,

2016 is almost over ... and despite attempting I find myself failing again and again.

Out of my New Year resolutions for the year I managed 6 out of 10. Two of my significant fails include to blog more frequently and to qualify as a chartered accountant.

As you know the blogging has become more scarce ... and I have also recently failed my final exam. It has been a huge disappointment. 14 exams passed over the last few years and the last, 15th, that would bring me within reach of qualifying ... I panicked.

But lets concentrate on the positive and that is 2017 brings another chance at achieving the unachievable and 10 new goals to work towards. Lets say to qualify is on the list again, as well as to blog more frequently. So far I have 9 goals, and only need to come up with one more ... there is still time until the clock strikes midnight, right? If you have any ideas do let me know.

Onto the lack of stitching achievements. Out of 16 goals I sort of achieved 3 and a bit.

Harmony by Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. 

My goal was to complete this. And I have. This was one of my earlier finishes (while still motivated by 2015 failures):

December 2015

January 2016

Alice and Dodo by Tanya Bond 

This was a new start and the Goal was to stitch 1 out of 25 pages. 

October 2016

Iris by John Clayton 

December 2015

December 2016

So now onto partial meeting of targets ...

Christmas Candle - HAED

Goal was to finish the top row, i.e a page and a partial. Unfortunately I decided to use this project to participate in a challenge and needed a new page. But this means 5/36 done.

December 2015

August 2016

August 2016

Peace (Little Sheep Virtue) by Little House Needleworks

Well completing all 12 sheep did not go down so well ... but the 6th one is now done.

August 2016

And a not related finish to my Wipocalypse goals ...

A finish of 'Take Shelter together!' - Rainy Day Kitty by Durene Jones the World of Cross Stitching magazine (issue 240).

March 2016

Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.
Samuel Beckett

Until next year,