Saturday, 25 April 2015

Stitch from Stash - April 2015 and sheep #3.6

Month: April 2015
Spent: £85.52
Earned: £18.00

Dear all,

I am very sorry for disappearing yet again. I find the more you have to share the harder it is to sit down and write ... I personally begin dreading all those photos and the uploading part. And where to start and where to finish.

Well I finally did it! I went on a spree (+some photos that I emitted back in February due to an exchange). I am yet to decide the following:

a) do I deserve it

b) can I actually afford this

Well to start with HAED had a 45% discount (sob) ... you know how I have a collection of these charts I will never ever have time to stitch ... well I couldn't resist two additions:

The Little Match Girl
Doesn't she look sad? I absolutely loved Hans Christian Andersen as a kid. Well with a pinch of sadness. After all the little girl dies ... well actually from what I remember everybody dies ... the Christmas tree ... the little mermaid. These three were my most memorable.

My second chart:

Tree of Life Ruby
I am already dreading the confetti (if I ever stitch this one). 

And you know what ... I finally did it ... I bought 'Alice and Dodo' by Tanya Bond (kit on 18 count).

Alice Dodo
See what I mean? First month that I am beginning to recover from credit card bills, utility bills and nobody knows what else. And what do I go and do? I get more pointless cross stitch that I will never complete (maybe I am being a little harsh on myself).

Very appalling! On the subject of appalling ... remember back in February I mentioned the order that I have been trying to order since November (it was allowed to be uncounted - as if it went through when it should have it would have been within the set budget for last year) ... well I now have some pictures.

Theodora chart
It is by the Snowblower Diaries and a thing of beauty! As it uses the threads by the Gentle Art I just got the chart. Then there was ...

Autumn Glory - chart, fabric, threads
Maja always packs her kits so well!

And the final order was Angela:

Angela - chart, fabric, threads
The only addition I made once the order went through is the following chart (it was included in my February report):

Winter Friends
I felt it was perfect for an exchange I was doing at the time. And what more Maja sent me the following chart extra (free of charge!) She is one generous lady.

The Rose Bush

And the other thing I bought back in February if you remember were some threads (which I can now share the picture of):

Some thread that I needed for the charts you just saw
(these were included in my spending budget back in February)

A note on earnings etc:

I have 'earned' from my recent finish of Ember II as follows:

Click HERE for the relevant post
220 x 220 fits 210 x 210 to 240 x 240 range which gives me £22. But as I had about a sixth done before January this then is reduced to about £18.

I had £64.39 carried forward (due to my lack of spending in previous months) + £25 for this month + £18 earned ... so I even have £21.87 to go to next month. For next half a year (starting from July) I might go a little stricter and decrease the allowance.

Sheep #3.6

I thought if would be nice to finish on a belated update of my sheep. It is almost complete. And I should have a finish for you soon.

1200 stitches
Hmm I am getting some very funky colour photography here (the project is not actually a shade of pink).

Till soon (I still haven't told you about the exchange Sarah and I had ... what did I say the more you have to share the harder it becomes to actually share),

Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Wipocalypse - April 2015 (I have a finish!) and Sheep #3.5

Hello all,

I can't believe this, but I actually have some progress to show... and with it a completion of two of my goals!

First up is a finish of 'Ember II' by Maia. Just in time, as I am going up North again for a few days. So can finally gift it.

April 2015
It even has some french knots! Not sure if they are seeable.

April 2015
My second completed goal is not as exciting ... I have finished a page of 'Field of Poppies'. Technically this is incorrect as when I have put up this goal I assumed there were 8 a4 pages, but there are actually 4 a3. I decided not to correct the goal as essentially I was correct in equivalent proportions.

April 2015

I did have some progress on another two projects selected for Wipocalypse ... but unfortunately I somehow forgot to photograph it, so some other time. I have slightly amended my goals to have 25 in total (easier to calculate percentage). Maybe a little crazy but we will see. I highly doubt they will all be achieved.

And as for Sheep update (that should have happened last Sunday):

1000 stitches

I think about two more weeks and this will be complete. 

Till soon,


Saturday, 4 April 2015

Sheep #3.4 ...

Dear all,

Unfortunately it is still very grey here ... so cannot update you on much.

I do have the next 200 stitches of my sheep photographed in a quick spell of sunshine ...

800 stitches

So, this means I am finally caught up. Just need to do another 200 for tomorrow and hope for sunshine. Also, keep your fingers crossed for me and I might have Ember finished in a day or so.

Till tomorrow (I hope),


Friday, 3 April 2015

Sheep #3.3 and the winner is ...

Dear all,

Apologies for the missing Wipocalypse post. I thought of posting today but the sky is grey and crying so not much chance of good photos.

I do have an update on the sheep (photo taken a few days ago) ...

600 stitches

Okay, I am now almost caught up with the schedule of stitching. Last Sunday was meant to have been the post for 800 ... I have the next 200 stitched ... just not photographed. So as long as I make sure to get it up to 1,000 by this coming Sunday I am on top of his SAL. 

Also, remember I had a giveaway back in January ... well I have finally got around to drawing a winner ... and it is Cucki! I am still in the process of stitching/assembling and thinking ... but hopefully I can send the package soon.

Anyhow, stay tuned ... Wipocalypse post still coming up, exchange package arrived from Sarah, and the next 200 stitches on the sheep.

Till soon,


Saturday, 28 March 2015

Stitch from Stash - March 2015 & the Sheep #3.2

Month: March 2015
Spent: £0
Earned: £0

Dear all,

This is a bit of a sad post ... remember I mentioned my hope to get Ember II done ... well it is still in the works. I did not manage to complete it before I left mum's. (No purchases either!)

Furthermore I have difficulty picking it up to stitch. I feel slightly stitched out on that project. After stitching pretty much non stop since beginning of January I feel a slight tug towards other projects. Even those that I had no desire to stitch for awhile. I'll update you in my Wipocalypse post (hopefully tomorrow). I might have even earned a little on one of them, but will put that into the next Stitch from Stash update.

I also somehow found myself stitching on 14 count for most of this week ... after a day at work my eyes could not see the little holes.

Sadly, Alice and Dodo have been put off for another month due to the lack of monies in my bank ... I had to lend some money, so even with the pay will have a somewhat tight month. But surely the more I delay the gratification of a purchase the better I will feel getting the project.

Sheep #3.2

The next two hundred stitches:

400 stitches

I know, I am really behind but should be catching up soon. I absolutely loving stitching it! (as long as it is daylight) This time I somewhat started from the centre going out ... rather than picking up from the border.


P.S. I spent this morning repotting orchids, so slightly exhausted.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sheep #3.1 ... a week and 2 days late

Hello all,

Apologies for being late yet again. But so you know we have started up the next sheep for the SAL. And it is 'Simplicity'. This is my first 200 stitches:

200 stitches
And a little closeup:

200 stitches
I am currently up North visiting family and stitching like mad on 'Ember II' which I was hoping to gift to mum this visit ... but so far I am loosing this battle. Though I am getting close. Two colours left on the right side (last 3rd). Mind one of them has quite a bit of stitching.

Once I am done with this I will definitely catch up with the sheep. I have missed the little fellas...

I was discussing with mum recently ideas for what my brother could potentially do for his egg competition... I have suggested sheep ... but unfortunately the idea did not take.

Till soon,


Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Stitch from Stash - February 2015

Month: February 2015
Spent: £16.61
Earned: £6

The above spending should have not happened! I am meant to be saving after all. But I just had to stock up on some threads (for a few projects). The order I have tried to place back last November finally got processed! I added a last minute chart to the list (so the chart is also included in the cost above), and then I thought it is the perfect time to stash up on some threads, sorry already mentioned.  See how illogical the entire process was. Anyhow, you will have to wait for the photos till next Stitch from Stash post, since I'm very cruel.

But per previous month's request I will show you what I am saving for ...

It is 'Alice and Dodo' byTanya Bond (Gecko Rouge). But as it is £70.64 ... and I only have £39.39 to carry forward to next month, unless I am going to have some more finishes soon this might have to be put off until April or May.


I do have a finish to count towards my budget allowance:

It is 61 x 61. And I had about 25% of this stitched before January. 

Click HERE for the relevant post

The bracket of 60 x 60 to 120 x 120 gives £8 or £6 (75%). I feel a little guilty that it just fit into the bracket, especially as the LHN ornaments were given as an example for the previous bracket ... but this is part of the sheep range rather than ornaments, so hopefully it is okay to account for as I have. 

Also, apologies for not posting in a while, I have been in college for most of February and we had some progress tests to panic about. I had not managed to see much of my family during their visit South as I was with my head down in books. I have picked up the needles again though, and working on an exchange piece, Ember II, and Harmony.

I will also be belatedly announcing the winner tomorrow for the Grow your Blog party giveaway tomorrow, so stay tuned. 

Till soon,