Sunday, 5 April 2020

Some stitching in silk ...

Dear all

I did say I would update you on some silk embroidery I have been doing as of recent.

This is by no means all of it. I will borrow a phone and get a few better images of a finish and another two WIPs for you soon. Still phone less, although hopefully not for long.

I enjoy the stitching in many forms ... but free standing flowers, where you have to cut out petals is not my thing. So mum, who hates monotonous stitching and leaves, and I have joined forces on a few projects.

My contribution to this embroidery project is almost complete. Some grass and ground stitching to go. Mum is working on the poppies at the moment.

A solo project is three plates and three cups ... so far one plate complete:

I will be working on the cup below next.

How is everyone holding up? I love embroidery and knitting and well hobbies that do not involve the great outdoors, but even I am finding being cooped up in a house a little daunting. However I am grateful for many things, including ability to work from home, having health, food and shelter, and my family and hobbies to keep me going.

We will come through this storm and be better for it!

Until soon,

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