Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Stitch from Stash - January 2015

Month: January 2015
Spent: £0
Earned: £0

Dear all,

If you are looking for the Grow Your Blog party post CLICK HERE. Or scroll down.

Sorry for a very boring/quick update ... just to say 4 days to go to the January deadline!

Thank you so much for those who have managed to visit me so far on my blog party, I will reply + return visit this weekend or rather next month! For those of you who came via SFS I am having a giveaway so scroll down for more info on the grow your blog post.

I know, I know a boring month for spending ... not for the lack of trying. I am still trying to get an order through that I started ordering last November! Then there is a kit I am craving but it is very very very expensive. So will require saving/earning spending money. Otherwise no time to shop. I had some progress on my wips, but no time to update you on it. You might have to wait till next month to potentially see some finishes (!) I hope anyhow.

I will be using £25 as my currency/budget. If you look at prices of threads in the USA you'd know why I have chosen to do so. And even though I do buy some charts (not threads) from USA I am trying to avoid it now as much as possible due to the import tax + £8 Royal Mail charge. Plus its sooooo much easier.

Till soon,


Sunday, 25 January 2015

Grow Your Blog ...

Hello all,

My name is Lija and I am a stitchaholic / stashaholic and bunch of other things. I started blogging a few years ago just when I came across an old project I never got to finish as a kid. I thought if I could post pictures of my finishes I would incidentally actually have many finishes. After all you cannot have a blog post without a finish ... oh how wrong and naive I was back then.

I have recently moved across country (England) to start as a tax trainee and am in love with my job. In my spare time (which I do not have a lot as of recent in view of it being a January) I stitch, sometimes knit, create art dolls, read (after all I used to be a part-time librarian for eight and a half years), blog, paint (exhibited in over 15 exhibitions) and grow orchids. I also started a handmade bags and accessories business with my family called ILiNi designs (sidebar for more info). 

So as not to bore you a few pictures ...

my first ever exchange ...
I do need to get back into stitching Margaret Sherry's designs with their whimsical look. I actually signed up for a SAL last year which requires my attention.

cross stitch with a bit sketching
I have participated in another exchange of Valentine cards, which promoted me to create in a similar style another Valentine card, and two thank you cards one with butterflies another with a bee. I love when cross stitch interlinks with an image. But this was slightly short lived deviation from the hobby as although I continued to make cards but somehow without the cross stitch.

So far we have created 3 art dolls, and are working on the next two. I am responsible for the drawn out faces and the individually sewn a strand at a time hair with a few extra details. I have knitted the cardigan for this one.
my first ever art doll in conjunction with mum
A Snowflower Diaries design stitched in hand dyed threads ...

I know, there is a first time for everything and lets say although I am not a convert into the hand dyed stuff ... as I do like to be able to reproduce exact same design as others rather than gamble on the tone of how particular shade turned out. And the lack of steadfastness definitely a put off. If one stitches a huge piece how is one expected to wash it. I can appreciate how this can work in smaller pieces.

orchid closeup
I do promise more pictures of orchids in the future. Oh how I wish I had a working camera. I own over ten orchids back up North with mum. And 5 down here with me. I am even attempting to grow a vanda. Not sure how that is working out. The flowers fell off and the instructions from the florist of soaking once a week made quite a few leaves rot. I am now spraying the roots with water every morning.

LHN sheep 'Hope'
And a sheep is one of my recent finishes through a SAL.

This is just a few thoughts etc. 

I will be also having a giveaway. Deadline to enter is 15 February on this post. Just leave a comment. No rules (almost). I need to be able to contact you. So either leave your email in the comment or make sure you're replyable. 

The prize would be something made by me + something that you could use in your own hobby ... a bit vague I know. So another request ... please leave a link to your blog if you have one so I can get to know you. Or if you haven't got a blog say a little about yourself.

So till soon,


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Friday, 23 January 2015

The Sheep #2.5 and #2.6 ... have I caught up yet?

Hey all,

Only 9 days to go to the deadline! I am frequently becoming the last person out of office ... but hey ho it is great to be alive. I love it. Mind I wouldn't mind dreaming about the missing thread and fabric again! So I guess I am battling my addiction for cross stitch and becoming a workaholic? Or is that just wishful thinking? Still have the cravings to buy stash... but as I am doing Stitch from Stash (or stashers anonymous ... only joking) I am not allowed, gotta save to buy. But more on that later.

So the sheep:

1000 stitches

1200 stitches

1200 stitches
I also have some progress on 2 of my wips to share soon.

But until then,

Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Sheep SAL #2.3 and #2.4 ... or in other words I am soooo behind

Hi all,

Are you surprised hearing from me? Well I am.

This is my first post of 2015! Lets hope I'm not gonna spend the year with how I am starting ... late.

Most of you know how I moved down South (of England) for a job back in September ... well the business is taking hold of me. I am a tax trainee and with the tax returns being due on the 31 January following the fiscal year this is one busy period. Last week I managed 61 hours! I love it! It is amazing ... I sit down at the desk and don't realise how the time just disappears. The only issue is back pain. It is slightly better once the lovely person who sits next to me fixed my chair (it was locked in a silly reclining position).

Anyhow that is me to the end of the month sorted! It does have a slight limitation on my other activities. I still stitch about an hour before bedtime but not always am able to work on sheep as for example I tried yesterday and could not see the holes! It is 35 count even weave. Then there is the issue of photography (I know I know excuses excuses excuses).

600 stitches

800 stitches
Believe it or not I am almost done with the next 200 (due last Sunday). 50 to go. So who knows maybe this Sunday you will see 2 sheep and me catching up.

Thank you so much for your comments on my failed goals. Some of you had amazing ideas.

I particularly liked Shebafudge's ... to pick up a UFO and work 1 or 2 strands. Surely if I follow this advise I will get it done eventually ... when I am 200 years old knowing my dedication to those pesky UFOs. 

I am also limiting myself to what I join this year ... but more on that later. And I am definitely sticking by the sheep. If Sarah doesn't kick me out for being terrible at posting updates.

Till soon,