Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Sheep SAL #2.3 and #2.4 ... or in other words I am soooo behind

Hi all,

Are you surprised hearing from me? Well I am.

This is my first post of 2015! Lets hope I'm not gonna spend the year with how I am starting ... late.

Most of you know how I moved down South (of England) for a job back in September ... well the business is taking hold of me. I am a tax trainee and with the tax returns being due on the 31 January following the fiscal year this is one busy period. Last week I managed 61 hours! I love it! It is amazing ... I sit down at the desk and don't realise how the time just disappears. The only issue is back pain. It is slightly better once the lovely person who sits next to me fixed my chair (it was locked in a silly reclining position).

Anyhow that is me to the end of the month sorted! It does have a slight limitation on my other activities. I still stitch about an hour before bedtime but not always am able to work on sheep as for example I tried yesterday and could not see the holes! It is 35 count even weave. Then there is the issue of photography (I know I know excuses excuses excuses).

600 stitches

800 stitches
Believe it or not I am almost done with the next 200 (due last Sunday). 50 to go. So who knows maybe this Sunday you will see 2 sheep and me catching up.

Thank you so much for your comments on my failed goals. Some of you had amazing ideas.

I particularly liked Shebafudge's ... to pick up a UFO and work 1 or 2 strands. Surely if I follow this advise I will get it done eventually ... when I am 200 years old knowing my dedication to those pesky UFOs. 

I am also limiting myself to what I join this year ... but more on that later. And I am definitely sticking by the sheep. If Sarah doesn't kick me out for being terrible at posting updates.

Till soon,


  1. Great stitching! Great to hear you are enjoying your new job.

  2. No wonder that you nearly have no time for stitching when you work 60+ hours per week. But the good thing is that you live your job. And when this month is over there will be some relieve at work, I hope for you.
    Great stitching on your sheep project.

  3. LOOOOL!! Of course I'm not going to kick you out! I've had an easy time of it, since most of my students were on vacation over the holidays, but they've all come back now. My schedule for next week is insane! I don't know how I'm going to have any stitching time...

    Lovely stitching, Lija! I'm sticking by you, don't worry :D