Sunday, 24 July 2011


Well Wednesday went by and no post ... I am slightly behind I suppose. With no internet access it is a bit difficult to make an effort of staying connected. I'll try being better next Wednesday.

The following project did not take too long to do ... the kit was from Hobby Craft, and although is simple it is also very appealing.

I wanted to post some of the things I have done since the beginning of Spring, but unfortunately I have not uploaded the photographs to my laptop as of yet. This one was completed by me about a week ago ... and I am still going strong with bigger projects that I hope to share soon.

So from a proud addict,



The cross stitch pattern was 'He Loves Me' from 'Cherished Teddies: for All Occasions' book 81 by Priscilla Hillman.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

My new blog

This is my first ever blog ... and I am quite excited about it.

I have been crafty since I can remember. I was cross stitching small projects by the age of 7. But unfortunately although other type of projects and discoveries of knitting and painting followed, the past is where the cross stitch has remained for me. I have picked it up from time to time over the years but projects remained unfinished and only cards appeared.

This is a new spell of excitement for me ...

Last summer I have completed a teddy bear project I begun a few years back ... it stayed packed away until my mum made it up into a beautiful cushion ...

I have now proceeded to do cards, small, medium, and large projects. And by aiming to publish 1 post per week I hope not to give up this new found hobby.

So till next Wednesday.