Saturday, 25 May 2013

Wipocalypse - post #5 and exciting new projects ...

Hello all,

Thank you for your good luck wishes and support. I have now completed 3 exams, and only have another 3 to go. I do feel a lot lighter, and with the sunshine outside as if summer is coming (a very rare occurrence in the North East). So for this update I have 2 new starts/projects, and this months progress report. Also, now that I am approaching 100 followers I can let you know that I will have my 1st ever blog giveaway once I hit the said number (and obviously after my exams were this event to happen before 3rd of June).

Exciting New Projects: 

I recently got the following kit 'Field of poppies' by Yiota's XStitch :

chart and pre-wound threads
Isn't it beautiful? It is based on one of the Van Gogh's paintings. It is my new addition to this year's Wipocalypse list (I'll be changing the list slightly ... after exams). You have probably saw the amazing pre-wound threads phenomenon across several bogs. I love it! I have several Anchor kits that have the threads on a card ... and the numbers are not aligned properly. I might have mentioned some maia kits of peonies/poppies I bought on sale in my local craft store which is generally limited and overpriced (those will be future living room cushions) around January. I have wanted to start them for some time ... but that would mean winding all the threads onto bobbins first. The 'Kiongozi - Dance Leader' had the same annoying unaligned threads issue that drove me insane. What is even worse is when the threads are all tied together and you have to guess which colour is which. I am not very good at that task.

I have almost finished 'Kiongozi - Dance Leader' and thought I'd use that mini box for storing bobbings. They did not fit. I hate that box! The only bobbins that ever fit there are the ones that came with it, I have forgotten this little detail - silly me the current bobbins there are all placed at an angle. But I do have 2 bigger boxes for storing threads on bobbins (3 times bigger), one that has all leftovers from kits/projects once they're done, and the second I got for the HAED I am currently working on and wound/prepared less than a fifth of those (the rest are still in wallets or loose in my draw). Shame to leave a box half empty, so this is where my new project threads went:

and now they are all in a box
You can see them all sideways fitting perfectly. I have a feeling the card they are on is a lot better quality than what I normally wind threads onto.

closeup- all wound up and numbered!
They would have been such a perfect fit into my smaller box, all separate if only the box was a little deeper. I have no idea why that company produces perfectly good big ones, and annoying little ones.

The chart in my new kit is printed on good quality thick paper. And the symbols/squares are rather large (will be great for stitching in the evenings while watching films). Four A3 pages in total.

part of chart

 And finally the fabric (slightly cut unevenly but a minor detail):

There is an option to get either 14, 16, or 28. I requested evenweave (count 28). After all thats what cool kids stitch on ... and I am a sheep that likes to follow (well sometimes).

about to grid
I was about to grid when I realised that I have never stitched on evenweave before (you'd think I'd realise that sooner) and what if I don't like it? or I won't be any good and ruin it? So I set it aside for another smaller project (also addition to Wipocalypse list to follow), to see how I'll do with evenweave. It came just before my 2nd exam (very quick delivery) in a sturdy envelope ... that even my favourite postman with his inability to read 'please do not bend' was unable to ruin. 

Yiota's XStitch is UK based, but ship internationally and also do downloadable charts (they have several free ones on the website that one can try - I have the one of the cat). Their website is and you can find the easy count guideline I use from

And now the other new project I mentioned (it is in fact not new per se as I have signed up to do this awhile back). It is for this year's Margaret Sherry's SAL I am going to take part in, for more info click:

It is the SAL #4 Puppy Love.

And my progress on one of them is:

Fabric is evenweave dyed with fennel by my lovely mum (featured in previous post). This is my first attempt at using evenweave, and I am yet uncertain. It is definitely better for half stitches (if one is stitching over 2 threads); and with projects like these, one would be able to see the background and eveneweave is a lot more appealing than having massive squares. Downside: it is taking me longer to stitch on it as I am not yet accustomed to it. I am increasing speed gradually; I bet it is a pain to grid.

That was the 2 new projects/additions, and now onto the current wips' progress ...

Wipocalypse - post #5:

'Kiongozi - Dance Leader:

April 2013

May 2013
It is all stitched up, and ready for backstitching (oh how I hate the backstitching).

QS Literate Dragon:

February 2013
I can't believe how fast time flies, and that this was untouched for so long.

May 2013

closeup of the worked bit
Till soon,

Monday, 20 May 2013

TUSAL - post 5, some exciting news, and check out a giveaway ...

Well, I have promised myself to stay away from the blog world in view of my exams. But I could not resist. So this evening after writing a 3 hour Business Taxation exam I feel I can be a little bit distracted from my Law revision.

Okay 1st up is a week and a half late TUSAL post.

May in a jar ...

May 2013 with the rest of 2013 behind it ...

2013 after the may joined it

And you don't want to see my lonely jar/glass/container now that its tipped out. All empty.

Next up some exciting news.

Aren't they/it gorgeous?!?! I just couldn't wait to share them. I got some hand dyed fabrics. Every time I see hand dyed fabrics on people's blogs I get extremely jealous. Well these beauties have all came out of raided boxes of fabrics, leftovers, and stolen from kits (I am changing the count for one of the projects), and then were all hand dyed by my lovely mum (who is into dyeing at this moment - lucky me). Which in turn means I can pick one (excluding the bookmark obviously) for the Margaret Sherry SAL of puppies. Hope it is not yellow (that is the evil count 22). And attempt to catch up with all the ladies already stitching. But before then all the rest of exams, maybe a few more individual photos with better light (and I'll tell you what mum used to dye them too). One of those don't do try it at home.

Now onto more news ... my handmade bags and accessories business. Check out some popular updates from ILiNi designs: 

Work in Progress

handmade silk scarf with tulips

For ILiNi designs website click on the:

And to like us on Facebook (and to get all the exciting updates) click:

And finally (if you not had enough of me yet). There is an exciting giveaway:

over at  Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

It is so nice to finish a post on a happy note (after all don't want you all to disappear without finishing reading mine first). But now you can go, do let Nancy know that I sent you.

Till soon I hope, but not too soon so that I get a little chance to revise,