Monday, 20 May 2013

TUSAL - post 5, some exciting news, and check out a giveaway ...

Well, I have promised myself to stay away from the blog world in view of my exams. But I could not resist. So this evening after writing a 3 hour Business Taxation exam I feel I can be a little bit distracted from my Law revision.

Okay 1st up is a week and a half late TUSAL post.

May in a jar ...

May 2013 with the rest of 2013 behind it ...

2013 after the may joined it

And you don't want to see my lonely jar/glass/container now that its tipped out. All empty.

Next up some exciting news.

Aren't they/it gorgeous?!?! I just couldn't wait to share them. I got some hand dyed fabrics. Every time I see hand dyed fabrics on people's blogs I get extremely jealous. Well these beauties have all came out of raided boxes of fabrics, leftovers, and stolen from kits (I am changing the count for one of the projects), and then were all hand dyed by my lovely mum (who is into dyeing at this moment - lucky me). Which in turn means I can pick one (excluding the bookmark obviously) for the Margaret Sherry SAL of puppies. Hope it is not yellow (that is the evil count 22). And attempt to catch up with all the ladies already stitching. But before then all the rest of exams, maybe a few more individual photos with better light (and I'll tell you what mum used to dye them too). One of those don't do try it at home.

Now onto more news ... my handmade bags and accessories business. Check out some popular updates from ILiNi designs: 

Work in Progress

handmade silk scarf with tulips

For ILiNi designs website click on the:

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And finally (if you not had enough of me yet). There is an exciting giveaway:

over at  Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

It is so nice to finish a post on a happy note (after all don't want you all to disappear without finishing reading mine first). But now you can go, do let Nancy know that I sent you.

Till soon I hope, but not too soon so that I get a little chance to revise,


  1. Love your fabric! Good luck with the exams

  2. Wow, those are some fantastic fabric colors! And your business looks wonderful, I had no idea you made such lovely silk scarves. Good luck with your exams! :D