Thursday, 25 April 2013

Wipocalypse - post #4 and cards ...

Dear all,

It seems I frequent my little blog and those I follow less and less. I do have two excuses for this:

a) I am very busy with project, presentation, study, exam preparations, and work at the moment
b) I had no access to my computer when it went to see the computer doctors. You might remember that around February it was very slow, so I have expanded the ram. It now turns out that one of those components was faulty ... so it has taken it some time but over 2 months it has corrupted my hard drive, not allowing repair and only responding to a total wipe; to make matters worse it has then decided that during the time I was loading the backup (after the wipe) it will corrupt my external drive along with all my saved documents photos etc and obviously the backup. Almost half of this months pay went to fix it. At least the lovely man got most of my things back onto it.

On the positive note I now have been told that the thank you cards I have sent last month have reached their destinations safely.

March 2013

March 2013
Both the butterfly and bee were stitched from the Cross Stitch Card Shop issue 85. Picked out of 'All together now!' The butterfly out of 'A kaleidoscope of Butterflies' and the bee from 'A hum of Bees'.

I had the list of threads I picked instead of the suggested ones somewhere ... just not sure where. The butterfly is in Anchor: 149,147, 233, 400, 401, and 403. Bee I need to locate the little post note with the info. 

And the ladies were:
Sarah of Sarah in Stitches [who's fabulous biscornu is featured above]
Lesli of the Fabulous Frogger [who gave me a beautiful HAED chart - can't wait to start]

For more information on what I go check out my earlier post click here!!!

Wipocalypse - post #4:

'Picture of elegance':
March 2013

April 2013
'Kiongozi - Dance Leader':

February 2013

April 2013
Christmas Candle - HAED:

December 2012

April 2013
April 2013 - close up

Till soon, 



  1. Gorgeous butterfly cards :)
    Great progress on your lovely WIP's

  2. sometimes life can get a little hectic, looks like you are still getting some stitching time for yourself which is always good, right? i love the haed piece you are working on, the colours are gorgeous - Amanda

  3. Thanks again for the beautiful card, Lija! And great progress on your pieces - I especially love "Dance Leader," it's looking fantastic!

  4. Kiongozi looks wonderful! So sorry to hear about your computer problems.

  5. Hope you can blog more soon.All your stitching looks amazing.x

  6. Ugh I feel for you. Recently had computer problems too but the end result was having to buy a new one. I hope all went well with the exams. I think you got quite alot of stitching done. They all look fabulous.
    Alicia ♥

  7. All your projects are beautiful and I really love the cards!! Thanks for visiting my blog...I'm glad I found yours. =)

  8. Beautifully presents the progress in the work :)
    I keep my fingers crossed for your HAED!
    Pozdrawiam /violka