Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tuesday Extravaganza - Part 8 and my reading habits

I have now finished 'The Reckoning' by Jane Casey in a talking book format (obviously while stitching). This is the third book that she has written. First 'The Missing' which was a stand alone crime novel. Then 'The Burning', followed by 'The Reckoning', as part of the Maeve Kerrigan series. All three listened to in the past month and a bit (lots of stitching). There is only one book left by the author to read (well before she writes any more) - 'The Last Girl'. It is the third in the series, recent, and not available in talking book format at my library yet, but it is lying on my desk in its hard cover instead. Hopefully I will get stuck into it soon.

I have also finished reading the second book in the Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine Harris at a more leisurely pace. It has taken me a total of 3 days to read 'A Bone to Pick'. It wasn't as good as the first. Mainly because the main character decided to resign from the library! (how dare she) partially due to a ridiculous birth labour scene/(s) (2 actually). Unfortunately I have discovered that I haven't reserved the third yet, since I expected it to take me longer to read the first two. But I do have a few (by which I mean at least twenty) to preoccupy myself with in the meantime. And there is a reading group meeting in a week and half time, so I should probably read the set text for that.

And onto the stitching which you are all here for ... this is how the stitching looked like last Tuesday:

part 7
And this is today (two pages done!!! including the leaf):

part 8

I think the hair and the flower are very beautiful, and I can't wait to stitch the next page. At the rate of a page per month it will take me a total of three years to finish this project (a daunting concept), oh well it will be worth it in the end ... I hope.

Till tomorrow for the Wipocalypse update,


Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Tuesday Extravaganza part 7

No progress since Friday, due to the IHSW weekend, and then a little distraction by a thriller. I can't believe I have read an entire book in pretty much a day. I have started it after lunch yesterday and completed it when I woke up before breakfast. Being a part time librarian I shouldn't be surprised that I still have an ability to do a book in (almost) one sitting.

The book was by Charlaine Harris (and no it wasn't one of the horrific True Blood series). It was called 'Real Murders', part of Aurora Teagarden series. I guess one of the biggest appeals of the book was the main character, a librarian interested in murder; who has the same problems when going shopping as me - being unable to reach the top shelves!

From the distraction and on to the stitching ... this is what you saw last Tuesday:

part 6

When I have taken the stitching out to be photographed I have almost started stitching more. I really want to get the massive fabric, threads and sit with it for hours. But today, the last day before mum's departure on her holiday will be more of a mundane nature ... I think. 

part 7

Thank you for all your comments. They are very appreciated,


Monday, 23 July 2012

IHSW July 2012

For the weekend of stitching I have decided to put aside my HAED, and stitch on something that has been previously abandoned. This way I wouldn't feel extremely guilty stitching all weekend. So I have picked up the following: 

prior to 21/7/12

And after a day and a bit of backstitching (which I hate) I was very proud of myself. I have finished it!


And here is a closeup:


It was an Anchor kit, designed by Judy Rossouw, and stitched on 14bpi white Aida fabric. According to the kit it is 18 x 18cm (7 x 7"), though I haven't checked.

So after this uplifting feeling of completion you ask me - what have you stitched then? Anything else closer to a finish? And the answer is no. I have done something despicable - I have started something new. Having 13 projects in the abyss I chose to start something new. In my defence I have just completed a project ... and went to get the rabbit out of the box to work on but found this one all bright colours and summery first:


It is 'Kiongozi - Dance Leader'. A Fleur de Lis kit, with Anchor stranded cotton. The original art work by the Kenya artist Gakonga. The fabric is 18bpi cream Aida, and it is to be 27 x 8cm (10.5 x 3"). It will go very well with 'Watembea Nyumbani (Walking Home)' I have completed last year, based on the art work of the same artist.

So I have spent the Sunday gridding and almost finishing two colours. Now it will go into its zip plastic folder that has been vacated by the hippo. I have something else planed for stitching next. My mum is going on a 3 week holiday ... which means it is perfect time to stitch something for her. And whats not better but 3 of my works in progress are/were being stitched for her.


Thursday, 19 July 2012

July TUSAL 2012

Oh dear I have almost missed today update ... good thing some of the bloggers started putting up their jars ... and it is still surprisingly light even if it is half past seven. I feel like my feet are about to drop off (not used to working till this late ... on my feet). So this months jar ....

July 2012

My yearly jar (which is the same as monthly one ... but slightly ort-squashed) is getting too full and I might need to expand to a bigger one. Anyhow off for food and stitching.


Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Extravaganza Tuesday part 6

Well not many updates since last Tuesday. I was a busy busy busy bee. Was at work most of the time. And stitching along in my spare time.

So this is what I had done last Tuesday ...
part 5

... and this is where I am this week:

part 6

Wanted to say a page finish. But did not quite manage that. That leaf is driving me insane. 2 or 3 crosses change colour, 1 or 2 crosses change colour ... oh wait missed 1 cross out. Anyhow there are only a few colours left on the leaf now including a one I don't have. So I might just get on with the page 2 for now.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Tuesday Extravaganza part 5

Thank you all for your congratulations.

Quick post before work:

part 4

part 5
Until soon,


Wednesday, 4 July 2012

The World of Giveaways, Exchanges, Wipocalypse, and Extravaganza

It is a very long time since I have posted ... missed an entire week's worth of Extravaganza, but hopefully my excuses are good enough to warrant lack of blogging/stitching.

I have now officially graduated! And here is proof:

me outside the Cathedral

So now I am a Master of Mathematics with a 2:2 in the subject from Durham University. A little disappointed in the grade, but it is life and there is nothing I can do about it now. Things could have been worse after all. I missed my offer for the graduate course at Newcastle University, but they gave me an interview and decided to take a chance on me. So I am going to study for another year in an    ex-Durham college. (Newcastle used to be part of Durham, but have gained independence sometime in the past.)  

I have now also moved out of my Owengate room:

my old room
I am going to miss it very much, along with the view out of my window:

view of opposite roofs

to the right

to the left

and to the right again
And there is even the Durham Cathedral in the background.

From my room photo you can guess that I have lots of things. More than 3 car loads ... and since I haven't managed to convince anyone to help me move I had to hire a van. Two hours and bit later I had moved out (though it took an entire day to pack). And sadly now I cannot find most of the things that I own. Since everything is packed up in bags. Luckily I have located my camera and some of the stitching, but not all.


First of all a thank you to Thea of the Gizzimomo's Stitchy Place for a wonderful gift I have won on her 200 followers giveaway. I wanted to include a photo, but the gift is packed away. It was a 'My Memories Suite 3' software, which I am excited to try out ... once I manage to clear out my poor little MacBook from the junk on it. Fairies, and Angels cross stitch booklets, fabric, cross stitch kit, a knitted pincushion and some stitching bits and bobs. This the first blog giveaway that I have won, so I was very happy to receive the package.

When I was showing off my gift to friends over lunch, someone pointed out that it is now my turn to return a favour and do a giveaway myself. I think I'm going to make myself a promise to do one once I reach 100 followers, but that is still in a distant future.


I have participated in a Margaret Sherry's Summer Exchange. Which is what I spent stitching most of my free time... but I am unable to share it since it is still in the post to its final destination.

But I can share with you what I received from Marcinha (a big thank you):


I love the snail so much! I have seen it previously on MSherryLovers blog and was planning on getting a chart myself. I haven't decided yet on what I will use it for. I will probably need to unpack everything before I can decide what this will be used for.


My HAED stitching is still stuck on the first page:

part 3
So I have finished almost all dark blue (I now realise I missed a little) and started purple. This was the progress I was meant to post last Tuesday for the Extravaganza update ... but miss located camera etc ... and now the stitching too ... so one update short:

part 4

And finally onto ...

The progress on the HAED:

And then as I lost it in the move I have picked up John Clayton's Venice:

I was a little annoyed that the stitching is at the top and bottom, so far way, but if I want to wind up on bobbins the leftover thread I should stitch all the combinations of it first: 


And the closeups:

I have furniture arriving today ... so maybe a little more unpacking and I can find more stitching.

Until next time,