Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Extravaganza Tuesday part 6

Well not many updates since last Tuesday. I was a busy busy busy bee. Was at work most of the time. And stitching along in my spare time.

So this is what I had done last Tuesday ...
part 5

... and this is where I am this week:

part 6

Wanted to say a page finish. But did not quite manage that. That leaf is driving me insane. 2 or 3 crosses change colour, 1 or 2 crosses change colour ... oh wait missed 1 cross out. Anyhow there are only a few colours left on the leaf now including a one I don't have. So I might just get on with the page 2 for now.


  1. Looks like you got loads done! Bravo on taking on HAED (think this must be what it is). I always found them to daunting!

    Happy Stitching :)


  2. wooooooooooooow....i thought you were still on ur other page, this is rather unfair, you didn't say you done that much!! Fine bring it on, i shall post mine in a bit, but i haven't done much since last time since was giving you time to catch up and being busy with job apps and website and mums stuff. But guess what this week i shall set some time aside cause this just got serious xx

  3. You are making wonderful progress and I hope you can get the leaf done in a short time ;-) Sometimes it's the little things that drive you crazy ;-)

  4. They do have a lot of colour changes but its worth the effort !! Its looking great !!



  5. Your project is looking great!

  6. Great progress! Well done. x