Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Tuesday Extravaganza - Part 8 and my reading habits

I have now finished 'The Reckoning' by Jane Casey in a talking book format (obviously while stitching). This is the third book that she has written. First 'The Missing' which was a stand alone crime novel. Then 'The Burning', followed by 'The Reckoning', as part of the Maeve Kerrigan series. All three listened to in the past month and a bit (lots of stitching). There is only one book left by the author to read (well before she writes any more) - 'The Last Girl'. It is the third in the series, recent, and not available in talking book format at my library yet, but it is lying on my desk in its hard cover instead. Hopefully I will get stuck into it soon.

I have also finished reading the second book in the Aurora Teagarden series by Charlaine Harris at a more leisurely pace. It has taken me a total of 3 days to read 'A Bone to Pick'. It wasn't as good as the first. Mainly because the main character decided to resign from the library! (how dare she) partially due to a ridiculous birth labour scene/(s) (2 actually). Unfortunately I have discovered that I haven't reserved the third yet, since I expected it to take me longer to read the first two. But I do have a few (by which I mean at least twenty) to preoccupy myself with in the meantime. And there is a reading group meeting in a week and half time, so I should probably read the set text for that.

And onto the stitching which you are all here for ... this is how the stitching looked like last Tuesday:

part 7
And this is today (two pages done!!! including the leaf):

part 8

I think the hair and the flower are very beautiful, and I can't wait to stitch the next page. At the rate of a page per month it will take me a total of three years to finish this project (a daunting concept), oh well it will be worth it in the end ... I hope.

Till tomorrow for the Wipocalypse update,



  1. Hello

    Your stitching is looking lovely.

    I also like talking books!

  2. wow yours looks nicer than mine, am sad for those couple of stitches I couldn't do to finish page. And looove the flower, and the hair is looking great, better than mine xx