Wipocalypse 2017 (updated 02/01/17)

Welcome to another year of Wipocalypse. For info on Wipocalypse click the dragon picture.

The list will have the starting picture and possibly the latest picture of the progress (if I get time in the year to update); see also annotations on finished goals etc in purple.

2017 target ... is 10! I felt that it would be appropriate to have less goals this year. So far there is 0/10 goals done or 0%

A quick aside: there is no way I will actually do all of the set goals. So I will be happy with a few big finishes, some new starts (or rather the decrease in stash to something realistic that could be done this lifetime), and some UFOs joining the human world of stitching progress.


Ongoing (and those started in 2016):

1) Christmas Candle - HAED [Goal: Complete another 2 pages - i.e. preferably the top row]
So far 0/2 (goal) and 5/36 (total)

Last year I started a page on the new row due to a challenge I was participating in on the Heaven and Earth Designs forum. Hopefully I will get a chance to finish the top row so that I can then roll up the design. 

August 2016

2) Sheep SAL by Little House Needleworks [Goal: complete another 3 sheep]
So far 0/3 (goal) and 6/12 (total)

I have fallen behind in my sheep SAL ... and not sure whether it is even possible to catch up.

August 2016

Yiota's Xstitch: Field of Poppies [Goal: Complete 1 page]
So far 0/1 (goal) and 1/8 (total) 
Based on Van Gogh's painting

April 2015

4) Literate Dragon - HAED [Goal: complete the top left page]

So far 0/1 (goal) and 2/4 (total).
I haven't picked this one up last year sadly, so maybe with less goals I will be able to dedicate some time to it.
December 2015

5) Spring bouquet by Margaret Sherry [Goal: Complete]
As part of MSherry 2014 SAL I have started this one last year awhile back, but was unable to finish it yet. It is from CrossStitch Crazy issue 174 (March 2013).

6) Autumn Glory by The Snowflower Diaries [Goal: Complete]

7) Alice and Dodo by Tanya Bond [Goal: stitch 1 page]
So far 0/1 (goal) and 1/25 (total)

October 2016

New Starts during 2017:

8) Tulip by John Clayton [Goal: Complete]

9) Tobermory by Susan Ryder (The Heritage Collection) [Goal: Complete]

10) Angela by The Snowflower Diaries [Goal: Complete]

On Hold until 2018:

11)  'Tending the Flock' 
from Cherished Teddies and Friends. A matching pillow hopefully to one in my earlier  prehistoric posts.

Before 2012
12) Making Lickle Wishes

April 2012

13) Cabin Fever by Dimensions (Gold Collection) 

September 2012
14) John Clayton: Venice 

December 2012
15) I feel a bit light headed by Judy Rossouw (Anchor kit) [Goal: Complete]

July 2014

16) QS Poisonous Beauties by Jasmine Becket-Griffith - HAED [Goal: Complete 1 page]
So far 0/1 (goal) and 0/9 (total) 

May 2014

17) Venice by Michael Powell [Goal: complete the first of the triptych]
December 2015

18) Good Heavens by Margaret Sherry [Goal: Complete]

December 2015

19) Twilight & Magic by Suzanne Gyselman HAED [Goal: Complete 1 page]
So far 0/1 (goal) and 1/8 (total) 

December 2015

20) 'Picture of elegance'. [Goal: Complete]
Sara Moon from The World of Cross Stitching issue 181. This is my mum's birthday present from almost two year ago ... oh dear I am very late.

December 2013

21) Alice Enchanted by Jasmine Becket-Griffith - HAED [Goal: Complete 1 page]
So far 0/24. 

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  1. I found your blog at SFS
    What a beautiful wips
    I have 5 wips ans want to get back at 4
    The reason is that i work every other week on a different wip only when a wip is nearly finished i work a longer time on it
    I all so love haed but they take only such a long time
    I started my first one on febr 2013 and of course i started a huge one 400x 531 stitched
    I love working on big peaces but this one is a giant one for me
    Hopefully you get your haed allso one day finished because they are so lovely
    I saw how much you work, so i take my hat of for you that you still find time and energy to stitch
    Below is a link of my blog if you are interested who i am and what i do :)
    My blog is still developing because i just started a blog sinds end of 2014