Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Sheep #2.2, TUSAL and Wipocalypse final post ...

Dear all,

I know I promised to have posted earlier ... but it has been really busy with the holidays (and then work) here ... my mum and little brother are were here to visit ... so we have been eating non stop, spending money, and eating more.

Hope everyone's festivities went well, I even managed to get a bit of stitching in. I got my sister a cross stitch present ... a kit for a bookmark. She is almost done with it already!!!

400 stitches in! I almost done the next lot ... but still have till tomorrow
[aside: I started composing this post earlier than it was posted].

TUSAL ... a bit of a failure on the posting front as the year worn on ... I have here September till now (as I left the beginning of the year's ORTs up North):

Next up is the Wipocalypse update ... (to some degree probably a failure):

1) Good Heavens by Margaret Sherry [Goal: Complete]

December 2013
No progress whatsoever, so back to being a UFO.

2) Christmas Candle - HAED [Goal: Complete another 5 3 pages]
So only 1/5 3 (goal) and 4/36 (total)

December 2013

only one page done a year later!

and I started the next page
Another page and a bit and I will reach the end of the first row. This project has been a struggle for me. I still love it for most part. Unlike the dragon for which I picked the wrong fabric this one is okay to stitch (apart from balancing the massive frame). It is just that I have soooo many projects, new and old, that it seems never enough time to concentrate just on one.

3) Yiota's Xstitch: Field of Poppies [Goal: Complete]
Based on Van Gogh's painting

January 2014
Nothing done at all. So a massive failure for this goal.

4) 'Picture of elegance'. [Goal: Complete]

December 2013 
Ehm, as above. This update is getting more upsetting by the minute.

5) Literate Dragon - HAED [Goal: complete the full SAL]

December 2013

This one has actually had some work done ...

1/4 pages done!

Regarding my UFOs ... lets say they remain mostly as such ... no change to:

6) Xmas Chums [Goal: Complete by next Christmas ... as if]

June 2012
Back to the lack of progress shame.

7)  'Tending the Flock' [Goal: Pick up and work on even if just a little]

Before 2012
No movement whatsoever.

8) Making Lickle Wishes [Goal: turn to a WIP]

April 2012
Ehm ... a pattern beginning to emerge of UFOs remaining UFOs?

9) Cabin Fever by Dimensions (Gold Collection) [Goal: turn into a WIP]

September 2012
July 2014

A tiny, tiny bit of progress!

10) John Clayton: Venice [Goal: complete]

December 2012
Still not unpicked!

New Starts:

11) JR01 Lean on Me by Judy Rossouw (anchor) [Goal: complete]

January 2014
May 2014
12) QS Poisonous Beauties by Jasmine Becket-Griffith - HAED [Goal: Complete 1 page]
So far 0/9

July 2014
I blame the move for the lack of progress.

 13) Ember II by Maia [Goal: Complete]

May 2014
14) Harmony by Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

November 2014

I really like how this project is coming along. I actually have more of the border stitched over Christmas.

15) Venice by Michael Powell

This is a triptych that I am stitching as one, and the first of the three has 6 pages. So I have done approximately one and a half.

December 2014


16) Brollies by Heritage Crafts (Twilights Series)

December 2014
This is actually a finish ... if you remember I had 'Boats' done from the series back in 2013 (I think).

And the photos of stash promised in the lats post:

Till soon,


  1. Please don't feel too disheartened about the lack of meeting your goals in 2014. You have done some wonderful stitching during the year and moved house, which has obviously eaten into your stitching time. Take a deep breath and make some new goals/targets/plans for 2015, or just go with the flow of stitching whatever takes your fancy. Whatever you do, I'll be watching and cheering you on! :)

  2. Well, there may have been goals that you didn't reach but have you enjoyed your stitching this year? If so, surely that is the best goal to achieve?

    Why not just pick one of your UFO's and work one or two strands at the start of each stitching session. That way you would see progress without feeling like you have to work on something for ages.

    Happy New Year, I hope 2015 is a great year for you. xx

  3. Whew! That's a lot of WIPs. Maybe just pick one or two to focus on next year? That might be more achievable. It's beautiful stitching all the same! And enjoy your lovely stash too :D

  4. Ohhhhh, you have some wonderful projects. And no matter if you reached your goals or not, you were stitching and that what counts. I am also always drawn towards the big projects and I would really love ro stitch on them all at the same time, lol. Unfortunately this is not possible. So I rotate and every Monday I pull out a new WIP to stitch on.
    Happy stitching in 2015!