Sunday, 21 December 2014

Sheep #1.14 and #2.1, and final post for Stitch from Stash...

Dear all,

Sorry for disappearing. It has been quite hectic at work. And updates are in general rather difficult with the whole of photograph taking. When I leave for work it is dark. When I come back from work it is dark. So taking photos with my phone is a little problematic. My camera takes pictures but as I have upgraded to a new computer (with the old one slowly dying my memory stick for the card does not work. I need to get the cable for the camera ... anyhow so what I have so far. (sorry for awful photos).



And the next sheep we have started stitching is 'Joyfulness':

200 stitches on 'Joyfulness'
200 stitches

We decided to up the stitches to 200 per week. Hopefully we will have the next beauty done soon. For those of you counting ... yes I have another update that should have been done today to make 400 stitches. Unfortunately as I said I have struggled with my phone and light. As you can see the last two pictures are worse quality than the first two. That is because my sister photographed the first two.

I will try and photograph/post Tuesday. Also rounding up all my various stitch alongs (the annual ones) I need to update you on Wipocalypse and TUSAL. Get excited I have completed a page on my HAED ... 'Christmas Candle'. And started on the next. Another month or two and hopefully I will move onto the next row!

With £/$65.15 carried forward and £/$25 for this month I have easily managed to fall in the budget. 

I went to the craft shop recently and spent £67.64! As we are not carrying anything forward to next year ... lets just say I fitted into budget. Some of the items are exempt, but as I said as I fell into budget I won't subtract them. What I bought ...

1m of fabric 32count even weave (white) and the remainder of 27count they had (about 30 cm ... also white), 4 ribbons/trims and 4 ropes/trims (1m each),   a marker for fabric (to do grid ding), a cross stitch kit for a pillow cover (with oranges design on it), 4 pieces of felt for finishes, and a little box that would have a cross stitch decor on top (the circular sort one would keep a ring in). All of them ended up a bit blurry on the phone ... so you will have to wait for better photos. 

The worst part is that for instance today was so gloomy that I couldn't even take photos day time! dark and grey. I think it is the season. My sister is back on Tuesday ... so I will be batting my eyelashes asking for some photo taking.

Till soon ... with my today's sheep, Christmas candle update, a finish (tantanta), some major progress on 'Venice' and generic summary.

Before I go ... there is still time to enter a few of Nancy's giveaways (I have not managed to enter many so far).

On the 22nd day of Christmas there was Christmas or a Quaker chart (remember I am stitching one of these)

Click here.

On the 23rd day you pick your own present.

Click here.

On the 24th day there was a $25 gift certificate or a surprise from Nancy.

Click here.

And on the 25th there will be a $100 gift certificate.

Click here.

Till Tuesday (I hope).


  1. Well done on SFS and your sheep finish. I hope you manage to get some good photos soon. Maybe Santa will bring the cable you need for your camera/computer? :)

  2. Beautiful progress! I've got the same problem - I have to remember to take pictures in the morning. Our apartment faces east, so by 2 or 3 pm it's already too dark to take pictures. Can't wait to see your next progress photo! :D

  3. You had a very successful SFS challenge this year. And a very nice sheep finish.

  4. Well done with the stitching progress! You've done so well with the SFS challenge :)