Thursday, 25 July 2013

Puppy Love by Margaret Sherry

Dear all,

Days seem to fly by, 'to do list' seems to grow, and I fall behind with it. There was a Wipocalypse check in recently ... hmm 3 whole days ago. But as I only have little time before I depart for work I decided I can't face such a big task. So I will skip (or rather fall behind) the Wipocalypse, graduation, and the Edinburgh trip updates (I do have some pictures to share).

Instead you can see my Puppy Love final post ... since I was going only to do 4 of them ... they are all done now ...

Puppy #1

Puppy #2

Puppy #3
and the last one ...

Puppy #4
I got the chart from bookazine "The Best of Margaret Sherry". And the 4 chosen puppies were stitched on fennel dyed evenweave. 

A few giveaways:

#1 - 'Cherries per te' blog birth giveaway @ In the World of Cooking
One of the ladies whom I follow posted about this small giveaway ... apologies for a late notice. Franca is only starting out in the world of blogging ... and I do hope she will stay for a long journey ... she has already posted 2 exciting recipes that I would like to try (she has a google translate on her blog - excellent for me), very exciting. 

To enter click HERE.
Deadline: Tonight midnight (not sure what time zone)!

The next two giveaways belong to a very friendly lady, Bernadett, whom I follow. Thanks to her I have potentially found a new place for bargain shopping online 

#2 - Blog Anniversary Giveaway @ Petite Armoire

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Deadline: 31st July 2013

#3 - 200 Followers Giveaway Petite Armoire 

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Well on this very pleasant note I will say goodbye, lets hope till soon when I can share my last weeks adventures and last months of stitching (most of which you have already saw).


  1. Aww super sweet stitches ...
    Sending you big hugs
    Love x

  2. Love your latest pup Lija & your little appearance in the latest issue of the world of cross stitching magazine too :D

  3. I love those little puppies! I knew I should have bought that bookazine! Ah well, I've possibly got some of them if they were featured in magazines :)

    Well done they do look lovely, fabric is great colour and you have such neat stitching!

  4. Lovely puppies.:)
    I wish you good luck in my giveaways.:)
    I am happy that you celebrate with me.:)
    Thank you for posting my giveaways.


  5. Each and everyone of the puppies are so cute...great stitching!

  6. Your puppies all look adorable, Lija!

  7. Oh my gosh they are so cute! Love the puppies they turned out great!
    Alicia xo

  8. Cute puppies!! Hopefully someday I will be a proud owner of MS collection:) I just made only one so far.

  9. Squee- the puppies are so darling! Great work!