Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Book reviews and blog giveaways ... what else can one need?

A while ago I have attempted to start a reading blog, which was a bit of a failure ... so here is an attempt at slightly merging the two. I have put up a new tab for crafty books that I browsed through/read/used ... so if anyone interested in some to browse that will have the full list.

The three additions:

'Quilting on the go!' by Jessica Alexandrakis 2/10
I am not too into repetitive patterns of various shapes. If you are then this book will be great for you.
Interestingly it also has a bit about quilting and blogs, links, online quilt-alongs, and where to buy materials. It has all the different templates to actual size, and the layouts for assembling them.

'Little Sew & Sew' by Christine Leech 1/10
Too simple for me; most designs are in outline stitching.


'Vintage Craft' by Pearl Lowe 2/10
It is a very beautiful book, but most projects are not very practical. Has anyone ever got dried leaves and plants for decoration? They never keep long and become very horrible with dust. Quite a few projects in this book are only for a short term purpose too. I would personally use the book as inspiration for style, rather than specific projects. There was something that caught my eye though - an office in a wardrobe. The one in the book was of course not very practical, more for decoration, but it reflects those storage facilities that are so expensive to acquire. With enough DIY any one of us can turn an old wardrobe into a great storage/office... and even make it attractive.

For my 100 followers giveaway check out the previous post. But there are so many more out there (a sidebar with links I seen on a few blogs looks very neat I think). Will add one for the giveaways I come across, regardless of my entering them.

So to start it off...

#1 - 25 follower giveaway @ Wisdom with Needle and Thread 

Some of the gorgeous things Kim is giving away:

To enter click here.
Deadline: 1st July 2013.

#2 - 100 follower giveaway @ Cross Stitch Cottage

Meggie has reached 100 followers, just like me ... so go visit her blog too.

To enter click here.
Deadline: 30th June 2013.

Till soon (when I hopefully get around to sharing some pictures of all the gorgeous hand dyed fabric that I have).



  1. Thanks for the reviews and the giveaway links.

  2. Lija, I was very happy for your comment. I did a post on my blog, inviting my friends to get to know your blog. And counting the draw.
    I hope you enjoy! A hug.


    1. Thank you - a very generous post, not sure if I have mentioned this ... but I have entered you into the giveaway. Good luck!

  3. Hi Lija, I knew your blog through the blog of Chris ... your blog is amazing and their beautiful work!! Congratulations!


    1. Thank you for coming by. Are you by any chance related to Paulo Coelho? My favourite writer?

  4. Precioso sitio, llego hasta tu blog por recomendación de Punto cruz de Chris, con tu permiso me quedo para seguirte.
    Abrazos desde Uruguay!