Tuesday, 7 January 2014

TUSAL - post #1 and the 2014 SALs/challenges ...

Hello all,

Happy New Year! Hope 2014 brings all of you lots of stitching and other nice things. I thought this year I will be on top of everything. Map out my commitments so to say. And there I am on the 2nd of January realising I am already behind on my 1st update of the year (I know, I know today is not the 2nd). Oh well better late than never.

My little jar: 

TUSAL - post #1

I need to free up the big one for the year ... so need to get rid of previous year's orts somehow. Maybe an ornament needs stitching. But I will cross that bridge when I get there. 

2014 SALs/challenges:

You might be curious to know that I have signed up to too many again. And my posting schedule (especially around the end of the month is becoming rather scary). So the challenges I have signed up to so far:
All of them are clickable so that you can find out all the info and decide if you want to join them too. The first two I have done for a few years now, TUSAL as you can see is a monthly post of a jar with orts (with a very appropriate title ... Totally Useless Stitch-A-Long), and Wipocalypse will have an updated tab soon. And I will mention my goals/wips/projects for it in the first post, later on in the month.

The new ones see me join Stitch from Stash challenge (check the tab for info - but it is there to make me budget and not go spending all that hard earned cash on more stash), Smalls SAL (check the tab - from what I gather it is in place instead of the annual ornament SAL), and I Love Library Books will have a new tab soon too. This is a reading one, rather than stitching. There are various levels one can participate on. And I will be aiming for 'Adult'. Although 'Just insert IV' is very tempting. One can go up a level but not down. So 36 books to read in a year. That is 3 per month. The main rule is they have to be borrowed from the library. It doesn't require an update post ... so the list will go in the tab with the dates I finished reading books on.

There might be a few others coming... there is the 2013 SAL blog that hasn't seen much action recently, but might become active again. I might decide to do another Margaret Sherry one this year, and I also take part in a few forum ones from time to time.

Talk soon,



  1. Happy new year!! :)
    I haven't join any of these SALs, just turtle trot SAL. But I need to get back to my reading stuff ...I am awfully behind in that area.

  2. You have picked a great group of SALs to participate in! Happy stitching and reading :)

  3. Enjoy your SALs for 2014! :)