Saturday, 28 June 2014

Stitch from Stash report #6 ... this is my skip month, get ready to drool and faint ...

Dear all,

Get ready to drool ... ready? Well this is my skip month, so I have spent loads. Some women love bags, others love shoes, me ... I go for cross stitch. Lets say I am not looking forward to my credit card bill next month.

Some of you might remember the free postage offer Maja of the Snowflower Diaries had. Well, I contacted the lady to enquire about a few charts, then thread, and fabric. She is so lovely!

chart, fabric, and threads

charts, fabric, and threads
By then I spent over the monthly budget and needed to decide whether I was not going to buy one of the fabrics and replace with one of my own ... or use up the skip month. And as per last month's advise. Use skip month wisely and buy, buy, buy ... 

chart and threads
I bought one more. Click here to see all charts available to buy. And don't forget Maja has loads of free charts too on her blog here.

And I can actually share what arrived! As the package came yesterday, while I was at work and it was a lovely surprise to come to.

some threads Maja offered to send along with the purchase
And oh my goodness, she also sent me an extra chart! She is one generous lady.

But my shopping did not stop here!

I bought a chart from Gaynor of the Stitchers Anon Cross Stitch Designs

click here to go to her website. It was 3 Euros on sale. I just couldn't resist. 

Then there was a purchase from Love Thy Thread:


After I purchased it, I was offered a 20% discount for registering with the website ... so of course I had to buy a few more:

Bewitched Park


New Age Cross Stitch e-zine

All available to buy from here.

I bought 4 charts from Tilton crafts, 'Alice Series (Mizoguchi)':

Click here to buy or view.

I bought three charts from Livia Rovaris. The sheep have made an appearance on HAED page on facebook (not that they are extremely relevant to HAED stitching .... but sooooo cool). 

All available from here with reasonable postage.

Some more charts from Nancy of the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe:

All available to buy from her eBay shop (there is a sale on at the moment). Click here.

I also made my first purchase from 123 and although I have an eye out on some kits and charts I felt I could not justify anymore stash in those departments ... so I bought some fabric instead (sigh I know I know this is a mad spree).

32 Count 18 x 27
Vinatage Country Mocha Belfast Linen

32 Count 18 x 27
Country Vintage Pebble Belfast Linen

32 Count 18 x 28
Vintage Cork Belfast Linen

And finally 32 Count Vintage Autumn Field Belfast Linen 18 x 27 which is now unavailable on 123 so I cannot copy an image over.

Available to buy from here.

Oh and I almost forgot ... also some Anchor threads enhancement:

50 anchor threads for £6.94 not bad

Oh no, no, no ...  last minute I could not resist and bought 3 kits from Michael Powell:

I will stitch them as one. There is a sale on until Sunday (up to 20%). So I saved on that and will get 2 extra charts (Greek Village and Mini Cottage 1) - as per what the email said, plus as I am registered for emails so I got an extra 5% discount. 

I better sign off before I remember a last minute purchase that I needed to make.


  1. OMG!!!! You crazy lady :D Awesome new stash!!!!

  2. Awesome stash, I did the same bought three kits from michael powell :)

  3. Oh wow...gorgeous. Love the fabric. Your photos are clearer than the shops ones are....have added the mocha to my wishlist lol. I love all the charts. I've stitched one of Snowflowers, loved it and she is a lovely person too xxx Looking forwards to seeing all these being finished your marks.....

  4. You weren't kidding when you said you'd splurged for the month! I especially love Maiko, Geisha, the Alice series and the fabric but the rest are fab too! Glad you've got an eye for a bargain - don't think about how much you spent, rather how much you saved!!! :)

  5. LOOOOL... Amazing buys! Good for you - I think you really used your free month well! Enjoy, Lija :D

  6. Wow lovely new stash...
    So cute xxx

  7. OMG you are soooo crazy, and your making me want to get much more than just the new michael powell I just acquired..... Amazing choices though, love the Alice series and Geisha and Maiko, so beautiful xx

  8. Wow! You really used your skip month wisely! I love the Snowflower charts and fabric and floss, but especially the envelope they came in! How exciting to get packages from other countries! All your new charts are amazing and lots of new fabric and floss too! Great photos of everything!

  9. Wow you went all out!!! Way to go!

  10. Go you! That is some splurge! Hope you enjoy all your lovelies :)