Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Sheep # 9.1 - Kindness

Dear all

Again I am attempting to catch up on one thing or another. Blogging ... stitching...

Here are my first 100 stitches on Kindness by Little House Needleworks:

As you may know I am doing this as part of a SAL with Sarah. Who is definitely better at keeping to agreed time schedule than me. 

Until soon,



  1. Hi Sweetie, I'm so sorry I missed your last post. Please, please do not think of 2016 as a failure. You are not a failure. So you missed some targets and didn't pass the exam: it's ok. Life means we all miss targets and an exam is just ticking someone else's box. When I was a teacher I never ever called anyone a failure. We learn from making mistakes: there is no other way to learn. If we already know something, we aren't learning are we? So turn it around. You didn't fail: you are just learning a lot at the moment. I can't remember what exam you were doing (chemo brain) but if you even need anything proof reading or need exam advice, feel free to email me.
    I know 2017 will be a much better year for you but please, please, never call yourself a failure. You really aren't. An I love the stitching progress.

  2. Lovely to see an update from you. I've been thinking about you. Great advice above from Stitcher's Anon!

  3. I don't have super important studying to do! Excellent stitching start on Kindness :D

  4. I've been following Sarah's progress on this series so it's nice to see yours too.
    Gaynor is right as ever, listen to her wisdom!