Saturday, 22 August 2015

Stitch from Stash - August 2015 ...

Month: August 2015
Spent: £3.20
Earned: £0

Dear all,

I have been having quite a stressful time recently, so I am very sorry for disappearing for 3 weeks. I will try to be better ... even if it is just a quick update.

My family has decided to follow me and relocate down South ... so I went to visit them for 5 days to help pack up ... and let me tell you it was a task not for the light hearted. For the past month I have been trying to find a van(s) to transport everything across the country and it has been proving to be quite a task. I almost had a meltdown today after all the issues I so far had with quotes etc (too many to mention) I finally booked 2 vans and after paying a deposit and emailing the company got an automated response that they are on holiday until the 29th (the move is meant to happen on the 26th) ... but hold your fingers crossed for me.

What I actually bought recently:

Thread pack for the following HAED (+ 2 magazines) ... I already have the 2 magazines (world of cross stitching), but by accident I found an eBay listing for further 2 copies and all the threads needed. £3.20 it cost me (+£3.80 for postage and packaging) ... in the magazine they estimate that cost of threads and fabric would be around £100, so a great bargain. I wanted to stitch this picture for some time ... so perfect. The seller is charity orientated and 100% of sale proceeds go to Midlands Air Ambulance. Money well spent.

Some progress on a few stitchy things:

I am now a third way through page 4 of 6. So pretty good progress although backstitching will be a pain.

My new start (I only took my sheep when I went up North, but it was too dark to stitch it in the evening so I started a new project instead):

This is 'Iris' by John Clayton (Connections series). I have already completed 'Calla Lily' in the same style back in 2012 (click here). There are 8 flowers in total and one day I might be able to complete them all. I have kits for 2 further ones, and charts for the remainder 4. Charts are unfortunately for the blue background. 

Last night after all the stress of van hire I was planning on cross stitching. I thought I might start something new ... maybe the one above, or my Alice and Dodo ... but then the first has no fabric and in general I could not find my blue marker for gridding. 

Anyhow till soon ... I am off to go wash dolls hair (I brushed it all out 2 weekends ago and now its lying in a puff and needs a conditioning bath to make it smooth). It is bright red in colour, so quite something! Before I go do you want to see the last doll head I have bee working on? Well here it is:

hair colour - Merlot

The best one so far, even if I say so myself! She needs her hair slightly trimmed at the bottom which will be done once she gets a head!

Hopefully hair won't take too long and I can put a few hours of woking into my sheep. 

Till soon,


  1. Congrats on the finds and progress!

  2. Wow what a bargain, lucky finder
    Well done on your sfs budget
    Love your Iris, so different from the once i saw
    Venice is growing nice :)
    Love the haircollour merlow on your doll
    Hope the moving is going smooth and good
    Have a nice stitching evening

  3. Great bargain hunting!! LOVE the doll head. Your stitching is looking great. I have looked at the John Clayton flowers but never bought one. I will enjoy watching your progress.

  4. Wow! To find something nice on a bargain! How often does that happen?
    Enjoy your stitching time.

  5. What a bargain! Sorry to hear you've been having a stressful time. Your stitching is lovely as always and your latest doll is gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful stitching, Lija! I hope the move went well... :D

  7. Whoa you have alot going on at the moment. I hope it all worked out now. I really love the colors in Venice and it is such a beautiful stitch. I love the colour of the dolls hair, it looks amazing!!!
    xo Alicia