Sunday, 4 October 2015

Sheep #5.3 and Stitch from Stash September 2015

Month: September 2015
Spent: £0
Earned: £0

Hello all,

I am sorry for my long absence. I have now moved houses (lets hope this won't become an annual exercise) and it took until yesterday for the internet to be transferred and fixed.

My cross stitch is all over the place ... some projects are already unpacked, others still in boxes. Sadly to admit I am using one of my massive bed drawers for all the projects/fabrics/stash that is yet unstarted for the time being ... and it is a mess. I miss my organised drawers and shelves. Incidentally I had no time or money to spend on any new stash.

Sarah and I started on the next sheep and due to the whole internet/moving house I have fell behind in posting.

So ignoring my missed 2 posts I am up to:

600 stitches

I have also fallen behind on my other sheep. Hopefully I can get that one done soonish as well.

Till soon (I better go and continue unpacking),


  1. It looks great! Doesn't moving suck? I just did it too and have to do it again in March but at least this place is furnished so it's not a huge move

  2. Your sheep look great! Hope you settle into your new home soon.

  3. Love your sheep! I hope the moving went well. Take your time unpacking, and it'll all come together soon enough! :D

  4. cute design, nice work