Saturday, 1 August 2015

Stitch from Stash + Wipocalypse - July 2015 ... something didn't quite go well ...

Month: July 2015
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Dear all,

I am sorry but it seems I have disappeared again. Not sure what happened. I do need to get a bit of grip on my planning.

Nothing actually went on here since I last posted. I am back in college now, studying business planning tax, and financial management. I had some lessons for BPT already, but not for FM. Tax is fascinating and getting more complex every day. I am still struggling to work my head around various VAT issues. But as the next set of exams is not until December still some time to go.

My mum dyed quite a number of cross stitch threads, which I am slowly trying to add to our Etsy page:

They can be found HERE.

We have decided to put them at a bargain price of £1.80 per skein (10m). For further information check out the listing. I have started with pinks, but some other colours should follow shortly ... I just wonder where does all the time go?

What about my cross stitch endeavours you ask ...

Well I am slowly progressing with my sheep. I think I am going to set myself a task to complete it by next weekend ... that way I won't get distracted with all that other cross stitch trying to tempt me astray ... Sarah is so far ahead it is unbelievable.

Still quite a bit to go on my little 'Faith'. But we will see.

I have finally stitched a tiny bit more on 'Good Heavens' by Margaret Sherry ... (an achievement as this constantly becomes a UFO for me).

And a bit more done on 'Venice' by Michael Powell ... almost half of the first triptych. Then another two to go ... imagine quite a bit of the blanc space on the right being filled with stitching.

Till soon,


  1. Those threads look lovely. I must check them out!

    Great stitching progress too, loads more than I am getting done at the moment!

  2. You're making some lovely progress. I had know idea you were dying floss, I'm off to have a snoop!

  3. Lovely progress I love the dyed floss

  4. Cute rabbit :) And they dyed floss looks nice, but I have a deal with myself not to buy anything stitching related till I used up some stuff.

    1. Thank you for your comment. It is an excellent attitude to take, and I wish I followed it as well ... I have been already eying some kits (and lets say I have enough to last me a lifetime!).

  5. Congrats on returning to college! I just did my Masters in 5 semesters from Summer 2013 - December 2014 and it was totally worth it. A lot of hard work! Cuts into the stitching time though :( but I promise you that you'll welcome the stitching as a break from studying in between semesters!

  6. Love your cute rabbit and sheep! As Babs said I must resist the floss until I need some, but the colours are just beautiful!

  7. Love reading about your work. The rabbit is so cute!!!!!!

  8. Those threads look GORGEOUS! Love the colors. Great progress on your stitching! You look like you're as far into Faith as I am into Love, which was the plan. Good luck with all that tax stuff! :D

  9. Love colours of hand dyed thread
    Never used anythenf else as dmc so i have to try that out somethime :)
    Love your little sheep and bunny
    Its nicely growing to the end
    Wish you a lovely weekend