Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Stitch from Stash - February 2015

Month: February 2015
Spent: £16.61
Earned: £6

The above spending should have not happened! I am meant to be saving after all. But I just had to stock up on some threads (for a few projects). The order I have tried to place back last November finally got processed! I added a last minute chart to the list (so the chart is also included in the cost above), and then I thought it is the perfect time to stash up on some threads, sorry already mentioned.  See how illogical the entire process was. Anyhow, you will have to wait for the photos till next Stitch from Stash post, since I'm very cruel.

But per previous month's request I will show you what I am saving for ...

It is 'Alice and Dodo' byTanya Bond (Gecko Rouge). But as it is £70.64 ... and I only have £39.39 to carry forward to next month, unless I am going to have some more finishes soon this might have to be put off until April or May.


I do have a finish to count towards my budget allowance:

It is 61 x 61. And I had about 25% of this stitched before January. 

Click HERE for the relevant post

The bracket of 60 x 60 to 120 x 120 gives £8 or £6 (75%). I feel a little guilty that it just fit into the bracket, especially as the LHN ornaments were given as an example for the previous bracket ... but this is part of the sheep range rather than ornaments, so hopefully it is okay to account for as I have. 

Also, apologies for not posting in a while, I have been in college for most of February and we had some progress tests to panic about. I had not managed to see much of my family during their visit South as I was with my head down in books. I have picked up the needles again though, and working on an exchange piece, Ember II, and Harmony.

I will also be belatedly announcing the winner tomorrow for the Grow your Blog party giveaway tomorrow, so stay tuned. 

Till soon,



  1. I love the chart that you are saving up for :o)
    Your little sheep is rather cute!
    Hugs xx

  2. Well done on keeping within budget again. Hopefully saving up for the Alice and Dodo kit you want will make you appreciate it more when you are able to "afford" it. :)

  3. Well done on staying on budget. Great chart, I can see why you want that one! Lovely sheep finish.

  4. The project your are saving for looks great!!! Lovely little sheep finish too :)

  5. Good job staying on budget! You'll have saved up for that chart in no time. Great finish too! :D

  6. Cute little finish! I recently bought Alice and the Dodo after admiring it for months on etsy. I'm dying to start it but have so many UFOs I daren't!

  7. Excellent stitching and stashing. -- I bet college helps you stay on stitching budget :) no time to stash.

    Good luck!

  8. ... you didn't spend too much, I think. And without threads there wouldn't be any stitching and no earning for this challenge. So, whoc could blame you for buying therads? Lol.