Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Wipocalypse - February 2015

Dear all,

You might have noticed an updated Wipacalypse tab that I use to dump all my wips into. (I do need to tidy up those pesky tabs as well they are messing up the look of my blog!)

Well as I have missed out on January you can find an introduction to me on my 'Grow your Blog' post (Click HERE). I have some goals outlined in my Wipocalypse page/tab.

But essentially I am not going to stress out over completing all of them (as I never manage all of the set goals), so as long as I have some major finishes, a few goals met, a general decrease in the UFOs, decrease in the unstitches stash (to something more manageable in one lifetime) I will be happy.

And now onto progress update:

I have done quite a bit of work on the 'Ember II' by Maia. I only had the top left flower and some of the stem of the top right flower the last time you saw this:

February 2015
I am hoping to complete for the March update. But we will see if it is doable. My sister thinks it is a bit of a large goal and might take a little longer. 

I have promised to update you on the progress that I made on 'Harmony' by Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. Well here it is:

February 2015
This is another of my wips that I am planning on completing at the start of 2015! To get ahead of my set goals. I say I don't care about the set goals, but in reality I do just a little.

Till soon,



  1. The poppies are beautiful and you have made great progress on both of them. I shall enjoy revisiting your tabs to refresh myself with your work! :)

  2. These are two wonderful projects and these little birdies are so sweet. I also love stitching flowers and birds. I'm very curious to see these red flowers again next month - maybe finished?

  3. The sampler is so beautiful, I love the colour!