Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Sheep #3.1 ... a week and 2 days late

Hello all,

Apologies for being late yet again. But so you know we have started up the next sheep for the SAL. And it is 'Simplicity'. This is my first 200 stitches:

200 stitches
And a little closeup:

200 stitches
I am currently up North visiting family and stitching like mad on 'Ember II' which I was hoping to gift to mum this visit ... but so far I am loosing this battle. Though I am getting close. Two colours left on the right side (last 3rd). Mind one of them has quite a bit of stitching.

Once I am done with this I will definitely catch up with the sheep. I have missed the little fellas...

I was discussing with mum recently ideas for what my brother could potentially do for his egg competition... I have suggested sheep ... but unfortunately the idea did not take.

Till soon,