Sunday, 9 November 2014

Sheep #1.9 and Stitch from Stash October + giveaway that I'm having...

Hello all,

Let's hope this post is not a massive failure. I am attempting to post from my phone (not great). I hoped to have had internet by now and after 10 working days wait for the line to connect all would have seemed perfect until I discovered that there was no actual line... or the one that worked. Hmmm. You know what the nice man said to me after I described my issue? Have you tried resetting? Switching on and off? I'm not that technologically behind. So after 40 minutes he decided to notify me that the line wasn't working.

My phone (same provider) has been extremely patchy, so let's hope this works. Sorry girls for not updating sheep as regularly as I should (I have been stitching just unable to post). Speaking of stitching I went a little crazy and ehm watched about 5 films in a row with lots and lots of stitching! Can't wait to show my progress on my latest wip. But you'll have to wait since I am a pain.

900 stitches
Another update tomorrow. I hope. We'll see how my phone feels like. I get my emails streamed to it... which works better than online connection... well lets say they sometimes stop coming for a few days.

Next up is the stitch from stash update. Mel was so nice to log me on an email from my patchy phone. She is so understanding. Anyhow my spend was only £2 (or $) . I bought a file with some patterns from a charity shop. They are a bit hit and miss, but a few are okay. Sorry limiting on pictures (or my internet will definitely stop working). Similarly with rest of report. Sufficient to say I haven't been spending much in the recent months. Moving is expensive.

Anyhow onto other news. I think it is time for a giveaway. Love thy Thread is having a 40% discount (and I already bought some) but more on that in the next stitch from stash post. For now (let's hope th e offer doesn't end tomorrow hehehe) I am going to have a giveaway of a chart. Which one? One essentially of your choosing. You will need to give me an email and I think that will let me access your wish list. And you will get one through a download. I have promised a giveaway awhile back but kept putting it aside due to craziness. But I decided craziness might take awhile to depart. So by that time I might have a physical giveaway of stash etc. 

Deadline will be next Sunday. The 16th, 10am my time (i.e. UK). That way I can let you know the winner in the post of sheep (I am hoping the internet situation improves by then. You should be a follower. Either a 'reply' blogger or list your email in the post. Will need to have 10 charts on your wish list (at least that is)... so I can expand my list and the gift be a pleasant surprise. 

If we are told the event is being withdrawn... the giveaway might happen earlier so comment on this post to enter. 

Till tomorrow (or today) for my next 10 stitches on the sheep. It's looking really good.

Thank you for all you lovely comments,



  1. Great progress! Can't wait to see how far you've gotten today. I'd love to be entered in your giveaway! I'm going to go put 10 charts on my wish list now... :D

  2. Glad you are getting some stitching in even if you can't quite share it with us at the moment :D

    Your giveaway sounds fun, but I will pass this time, I have far too many things on my to do list as it is!

  3. Great progress my dear
    Happy stitching x

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  5. Hi Lija, lovely stitching on Hope, I hope your internet issues get resolved soon. Lovely idea for a giveaway but please do not count me in - Love thy thread designs are not quite my cup of tea.

  6. Loving the progress on the sheep Lija. Fantastic, you will soon need to get more of them. Internet is finally working so get excited to do lots of posting. Can't wait to see all those updates on the crazy stitching spree you had this weekend! Am so behind on my own updates will have to sort my own this weekend... (Can you include me in the give away, though I as of yet haven't got a wish list, will have to make one for sunday) xx

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