Sunday, 26 October 2014

Sheep #1.8 and TUSAL (october one as I missed september)

Hello all,

Life is still extremely hectic. I am still moving (sigh). How long could it possibly take?! as well as the fact that most of my stuff is still up North! So I just don't understand. I am back in my old place for some pre-moving out cleaning, a shower and laundry.  So hence a post on time.

Internet in my new place will most likely take an extra 2 weeks to sort. Oh well the next update might be from my phone, and will be a massive failure.

800 stitches
Photo taken by my phone as my computer refuses to recognise the memory stick with the camera chip in it. Well annoying. So now I am wondering what all the pink is about. Last time I complained about grey, now its pink. 

Also my TUSAL update on all the orts I collected since moving down South:

Sarah, Anne, Kaye ... sorry girls I will need to catch up with your updates soon, but I am struggling at the moment with lack of internet (even on the phone ... signal is quite patchy at my new place) and also lots of work. I love my new job, and so excited for the overtime ... I just can't believe how the time flies. I was working along to the usual buzz of the office just to realise that it went dead quiet, no photocopying, no phones no chatting or typing. Everyone left for lunch! and I did not even notice.

Also thank you all for your wonderful comments, sorry for no replies or blog visits. Promise to try my best to improve.

Till soon I hope.


  1. Hopefully things will calm down for you soon. Very pretty.

  2. Oh I hate moving! I don't envy you one bit dealing with all the headaches. Hopefully things will sort themselves out soon and you can get back to your beautiful stitching without the worry of boxes.

  3. Great progress! Really hope things settle down for you soon. Hang in there! :D

  4. sending you big hugs dear..
    hang in there..
    great stitching x

  5. Hope life settles down soon!

  6. Great stitching. Hope everything resolves itself for you soon.

  7. It's looking great so far despite all your computer/photo woes!! No worries about catching up...I'm dreadfully behind as well with all my work woes. Hope things settle down for you soon as I'm sure it will! Hugs!