Sunday, 5 October 2014

Sheep #1.5

Dear all,

Today is just quick check in for my sheep progress. You can definitely see where I went wrong in this project [sigh]. I don't normally start out - in, but as I wanted to see how badly placed it would be I ended up stitching the boarder before anything else.

500 stitches

Sarah's progress can be found HERE. Somehow hers looks a lot more bright and cheery (I blame the sad positioning of mine).

I have had yet another adventure by the trains this weekend. I went to visit my sister. I got so excited that the train journey was meant to be 2.5 hours (from a station about 20 minutes away) - last time was 4.5 hours with the slower trains and minor delays. As if. It ended up being more like 7 hour trip there! I have been at about 6 or 7 different stations (sent from one to another in view of cancelled trains). To summarise there was a signal failure near Chichester (reason behind the 1st lot of trains getting cancelled), then electrical failure (the reason behind the rest of the trains to where  I was going getting cancelled), and how exciting when I got to the last directed station that was meant to have bus replacement services ... we were told no bus replacements were coming. In the end I had to get an exciting 2 hour something odd trip on the local bus ... squashed with my suitcase and legs criss crossed. The worst part was that as I was not settled for any part of the journey I didn't get any stitching done. But I made up on the way back, which for most part was direct and only had an hour wait till the next train along... I just popped into town and bought a lot of candles.

Anyhow I better disappear. Watch out for the progress on the 'Harmony' coming up soon.


  1. I only saw the mistake when I looked for it, it's not too bad.

    I'm in the middle of fudging a giant mistake in a HAED. *hangs head*

    Were you on an Amtrak train? My sister just had an hour and a half journey take 6 hours on one of them.

  2. Never mind, it still looks lovely. I am doing the SAl with you and Sarah, don't forget to check mine out when you get the chance.

  3. What is up with these train journeys?! They're ridiculous! Beautiful 500 stitches, Lija. :D