Sunday, 16 November 2014

A random assemble of facts ... Wipocalypse - November, the sheep #1.10 and #1.11, giveaways and Christmas cards

Hello all,

Thank you for all your good wishes. I have finally got internet sorted and life moves on. I am truly a digital age girl ... no internet and functioning becomes difficult ... bank account ends up going overdrawn and charges pile (phew did not happen this time round), another knitting pattern sells on ebay and I have no clue I need to post! If you like knitting and looking for patterns. I have a 'few' listed HERE (big thank you to my sister who helped me list them all). I have it set up that postage discounts apply automatically to UK buyers, for international I can do manually (but I think ebay only lets this happen for auction style listings). So let me know if you are interested in that.

Wipocalypse ... I have missed a month again with this whole lack of internet.

'Harmony' by the amazing Nancy of thVictorian Motto Sampler Shoppe has loads of progress on it: 

This is due to all that travelling I done in the last few months. It is hard to keep changing colours when you are on the train, hence this is a perfect project. Also Nancy is having a few giveaways ... so exciting ... it is the famous Christmas countdown she did the previous year. Look below for more info.

More stitching was done on 'Venice' by Michael Powell:

Well this is a little of an understatement as I am about a page and a half done and this is just slightly an old photo of progress you haven't seen. I have been working mostly on this so another update later on ... and then I have diverted to a different project. But next time.

My sheep progress is as follows:

1000 stitches

1000 stitches

And the next 100 stitches ... I need to really stop skipping weekends or I will get confused in photos by this rate.

1100 stitches

1100 stitches

I think it is really coming along.

Remember I said I was having a giveaway. Well not that many people entered so I have two winners. Snoopy and Sarah. Congratulations girls! 

The system is a little bit stuck, and it says the order is being processed so hopefully it will be with you soon.

And to leave it on a positive note. The above mentioned Nancy's giveaway ...

The 1st Day of Christmas giveaway over at Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe

 And the 1st prize is hand dyed fabric.

And speaking of Christmas ... there are some handmade Christmas cards by me over at my Etsy shop. There is even hand drawn/painted detail on some.

Click HERE.

Till soon,


  1. Wow, you've been so busy! All your stitching looks amazing. And thanks for the giveaway! I can't believe I won :D

  2. looking good, can't wait to see the actual sheep on the sheep stitching....And 'venice' should be uploaded soon as you need to share your beautiful development (it is quite impressive). Excited to see your next update!

    P.S. hope better get back on to the extravaganza stitching soon too, or I am going to win =P

  3. I adore Michael Powell's designs!!!

  4. I completely understand about how internet probs can really throw a curveball to life. I'm glad it's all sorted now so we get to see your beautiful work.
    xo Alicia