Thursday, 25 September 2014

Stitch from Stash - September 2014 and I have a new start ...

Dear all,

I am not certain about this month's report ... or rather whether to weep or be proud. I spent ... a total of zero pounds/ dollars/anyothercurrency (a first since I embarked on this challenge). I was way too busy with the move, and poor with spending all that hard earned cash on letting agents, rent, additional rent, and even it seems now going to be overlapping rent. It's not that the money went to  something nice (like a brand new printer for which I will need to start saving again soon) but hey ho that is life, and a girl needs a place to call home. And things should settle down soon, deposits and fees are a pain, but they tend to attack suddenly at the start.

But on the even brighter side ... I made a start from stash! Perfect!  And I have £/$45.03 to carry to the next month (or whenever I will actually have money). For the hardcore addict that I am it is sooo nice that I managed to resist the urge.

It is 'Harmony' by the amazing Nancy of the Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe. I bought the chart from her in June (the spree month to be precise ... and if I am not buying any time soon I am planning on starting plenty from stash!). Fabric is evenweave (28 count I think although might be 32), it was bought and accounted for in August (and still for some reason coming out grey when it is more cream/peachy).  

latest threads won - featuring 1840 red violet in which I am stitching

The threads that I am using are of course hand dyed by Nancy herself, which I won awhile back and forgot to share photos of. I wish I could afford the entire collection (as do many others no doubt) ... one day. Nancy is soo generous, and this was actually a second time I won a giveaway from her. And this is my entire collection so far:

after a few projects stitched already there is still plenty!

Till soon,


  1. Great new start, yummy threads and so glad that the move went well.

  2. It's nice when you can use something from your stash and save $. Looking forward to your progress.

  3. Lovely new start! You're going to be able to splurge so much next month :D

  4. sweet new start...
    happy stitching x

  5. What a gorgeous colour! Glad the move went well.

  6. What a beautiful start!

    Those threads are so delicious.