Monday, 22 September 2014

Sheep #1.3 and belated Smalls SAL august report

Dear all,

My third report on the 'Hope' of the Sheep SAL is a bit of a disappointment. This count is way too small for me! Maybe I am just blind as a bat and was an idiot to start with the snowflake (very symmetrical) ... well I must have when started and finding the centre counting from it picked the wrong reference starting point on the chart. Because check this out:

300 stitches

as you can see the entire design is too low ... snowflake meant to be top right. I think though I'm gonna just leave it as it sorta fits on the fabric.

But hey ho that is another 100 stitches done with some variety of colour (I really really needed to know if it would fit ... so went downwards).

The SAL is being stitched with Sarah. And we also have two new participants: Anne and Kaye.

Also an extremely late update on the Smalls SAL (August ... I know just 2 days before the September sign up opens).

I have finally finished Winter Witch by Maja of The Snowflower Diaries. There was lots of sunshine when I took the picture on Sunday, so I have taken it both in sun and in shadow and can't decide which one is better so I have included both.

It is a free design available on Maja's blog and is stitched in all the recommended threads on Zweigart 28 count Quaker Linen in Confederare Grey.

I do have an exciting new start to share but I will add it to the Stitch from Stash update due this coming Sunday (though will try to post earlier as I am away up North to visit family).

Till soon,


  1. Can't wait to see the new start!

  2. Beautiful progress! I think you should just leave it - it happens to me all the time. Congrats on the finish, too! :D

  3. Grrr counting mistakes are frustrating I hope you can make it all work! That witch is cute!

  4. Lija, I think that Hope will work out okay on the fabric anyway but still, how annoying for you. The winter witch is very cute, great finish.

  5. Oh no sweetie how frustrating! But if it's any consolation it's a very pretty snowflake on that fabric. I hope it works out for you.
    xo Alicia