Sunday, 14 September 2014

Sheep #1.2

Dear all,

I made it! next 100 stitches done and here comes my second update on 'Hope' of the Sheep SAL with Sarah.

200 stitches

This snowflake is huge don't you think? Maybe it will be done by next Sunday as I really want to move on to the next colour.

For info on this SAL check out my 1st post HERE.

Anyhow better run ... it is 8pm and I still had no dinner and gotta go sleepy at 10pm like a big girl.

Till soon,


  1. looking pretty ♥

  2. It's a lovely start Lija! I actually joined the SAL too! I have Love and started it this weekend...I'll be posting shortly at Doll's Musings

  3. Hi Lija, I have started the SAL, too, tonight I will posting my first finish - Hope on Kitten Stitching. So glad that you and Sarah motivated me to start on these. Hi Anne, so happy you are doing it too. Lovely stitching, Lija.

  4. Great stitching! I just got back and need to post my 200 and 300 stitches update. :D

  5. Looking good! Stitching along with friends is so much fun!