Sunday, 3 July 2016

SALE, sheep #7.7 and Wipocalypse ...

Dear all,

I can't believe it has been almost a month since my last post.

It is also very hard to believe how much has changed since then. United Kingdom has voted to leave EU. Lets say since the result came out it has been a turbulent fall into the abyss for us.

Pound sterling is failing. The earrings I was planning on buying for £9 have magically increased overnight to £11! (and I am dreading to think how much other purchases I have planned cost). On a positive side for those of you outside of the UK you can now grab a bargain from our island. In addition (just to be a bit more tempting) we are having an up to 50% SALE over on our Etsy store (click).

We are trying to clear out some of our older stock ... so how about a birdhouse that you can stick your needles in while you stitch ...

50% Sale - now £6
or a linen bag to stash bits and bobs ...

50% Sale - now £6.50

and another idea for your needles, pins, buttons  ...

50% Sale - now £5

Talking about all the various changes in my life... I am finally no longer a trainee ... as of 1 July I have been promoted to a Tax Semi Senior. So after a week long depression following the referendum something good finally happened.

And now onto the stitching ...

Sheep SAL # 7.7

The next 100 stitches ...

700 stitches

Wipocalypse update ...

I haven't done one of these updates in a while, so in addition to Alice and Dodo by Tanya Bond (that you seen in the last post).

June 2016
Since then I have done some late night stitching on Christmas Candle.

July 2016
I am yet to finish page 5 and 6 ... and now page 7 it seems. I have started the additional page for a challenge I was participating in on Heaven and Earth Designs forum. Unfortunately I have not met it. The challenge was to stitch a full page in cross country method.

Half a year has gone by and I only met one out of my sixteen goals. Not a very inspiring progress, but on the other hand a few of the goals are getting quite close to being met.

Until soon,



  1. Good luck meeting the goals you can do it! I'm sure the pound will bounce back soon. If it makes you feel better we had stocks that we lost quite a bit on because of it. Hubby had them set to sell automatically if they fell under a certain point but forgot to turn it off lol. Oh well we'll get it back :). You've made lovely progress :)

  2. Lovely stitching on your sheep SAL. I was so upset with the referendum result too. Uncertain times ahead. I'm trying not to think about it and just keep stitching!
    Congratulations on your promotion at work and good luck on achieving more of your stitching goals.

  3. Lovely progress on your projects! I'm so sorry for the trouble you guys are going through. It seems to be really turbulent times for everyone these days!

  4. I've been struggling since result day too, things are just getting worse rather than better too! We were supposed to get our annual bonus this month and that is now "under consideration" for August instead.
    The book industry was not happy with the result! Robert Harris said it's like waking up in a dystopian novel.
    At least we have our stitching to distract us, I have immersed myself in that.
    You have made some great progress too and I'm sure the next six months will see more goals being met.