Sunday, 5 June 2016

Alice and Dodo #1 and Sheep SAL #7.6

Dear all,

I realise I haven't update you in a while, so a post is long overdue. I have a new start and the next 100 stitches on my sheep.

The new start is 'Alice and Dodo' by Tanya Bond (Gecko Rouge kit).

One of the 2016 goals is to stitch one page, and I have started from the centre (mainly for ease of starting). 

And of course my next 100 stitches ...

600 stitches

I am beginning to really dislike this count as the only time I can stitch is with daylight ... or I can't see the holes! And as I stitch mostly in the evenings this is slightly difficult to progress with.

Until next time,


  1. It looks pretty though :). I have to use an led lamp for mine

  2. Yay you started her! You should get to her face pretty quickly too as I'm guessing that's her neck and collar. It looks to me like you will easily achieve your goal of a page finish.

  3. Que delicadeza a ovelhinha! Gostei demais!!!