Saturday, 9 May 2015

It's all about Alice ...

Dear all,

Be warned this post is not about cross stitch (much) ... it is all about Alice.

You know how I bought that kit recently of 'Alice and Dodo' ... then there is my 'Alice Enchanted' by Jasmine Becket-Griffith (HAED) which I am planning to start this year and another 'Alice and Snow White' by the same artist/company which is somewhere listed on my stash list along with 4 charts by Mizogucki 'Alice Series' (Tilton Crafts). Phew what a mouthful. Well do you think I am a little obsessed.

Justine pointed out to me that it is 150 anniversary for Alice. Sometimes I'm so clueless what goes on around me.

Etsy announced a competition run in conjunction with or rather by British Library - redesigning Alice, and entry to be based on the original book 'Alice's Adventures Under Ground'.

Well we have decided to enter (you know as I am a little obsessed with this old little lady). Our entry could be found HERE. And here are the pictures ...

I always thought Alice was not a blonde ... and there is an entire school of thought that seems would agree with me.


As always I was in charge of needle sculpting face and hands, hand drawing the face and hair ...

The rest is pretty much my very skilled mum with some help from my sister (who is also the talented photographer behind these wonderful photos).

Her arms and legs are connected by buttons and are adjustable into various sitting positions.

And look how cute she looks from the back:

You don't want to know what I went through to get her hair so perfect! I know we are unlikely to win... but somebody did say it is taking part that matters. And we had so much fun designing and creating her. We are looking into making the rabbit next.

Do go over and check out the listing ... even if just to be that extra number on my stats feed.

Till soon with actual cross stitch ...



  1. Oh wow you and your family are so talented! She's beautiful. And I agree, she's definitely a brunette. Good luck with the competition.

  2. Amazing! I think you've done a beautiful job with her. I'm so impressed! Good luck :D

  3. Such fine & detailed work! I love Alice too! I also knew nothing of the 150 year anniversary but have noticed a few stitchers working on Alice charts recently. Those Mizogucki charts are awesome. Good luck with the competition!

  4. I love your Alice. I work in a bookshop and we've been preparing for the anniversary all year! We have lots of merchandise and so many versions of the book. I'm having to resist buying it all for myself.
    Do we have to vote for your Alice anywhere? I'd love to see the other entrants too.