Thursday, 7 May 2015

Exchange and/or Winter Friends finish ...

Dear all,

Sarah and I had an exchange recently. The theme was our favourite seasons.

Sarah's was winter ... and knowing how much she loves sheep I made her the following:

It is 'Winter Friends' by the Snowblower Diaries. (This was the chart I bought back in February).

this was what I sent - had to borrow the image from Sarah
as silly me forgot to photograph everything but the sheep
And this is what I received from Sarah:

I feel very spoilt ...

... lets say almost all of the tea is gone now ... a part from a few elusive bags I took with me to work and are now waiting for me to return from my secondment to another department.

And look at the wonderful biscornu Sarah made for me ... isn't she oh so wonderful and patient.

I always marvel at how she attaches the panels! And there is a cute button on top. My season which you probably have guessed by now was Autumn. 

Till soon,



  1. I'm so glad you liked it all! I always have a great time putting together these exchanges. Enjoy! :D

  2. Чудесный подарок! Овечки - такие милые!

  3. Lovely exchange! Great stitched pieces :)

  4. What gorgeous gifts you exchanged! Both wonderful stitched goodies.

  5. Beautiful stitching. I really like the sheep design.x