Saturday, 4 April 2015

Sheep #3.4 ...

Dear all,

Unfortunately it is still very grey here ... so cannot update you on much.

I do have the next 200 stitches of my sheep photographed in a quick spell of sunshine ...

800 stitches

So, this means I am finally caught up. Just need to do another 200 for tomorrow and hope for sunshine. Also, keep your fingers crossed for me and I might have Ember finished in a day or so.

Till tomorrow (I hope),



  1. Only frame left, well done almost all complete. I think you should have a dabble at the Michael Powell chart, been a while since we seen that one xx

    1. P.S. and don't forget about the HEAD!!

  2. Very pretty! Not much left to stitch now.

  3. Excellent progress! I'm so far behind you now...

  4. FIngers crossed for sunshine for you and to finish Ember! At least you've got up that's fantastic
    xo Alicia