Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Wipocalypse - post #11 ... I do have a finish and a giveaway I have to mention

Dear all,

I am going to post even if it kills me! You won't be able to imagine how long it took me to compose it. First of all apologies for the weird bright colour of my photos ... the projects are not as bright in real life.

First of all is the Xmas card kit by Margaret Sherry. Free kit from the Cross Stitch Crazy December 2012/issue 171.

I have now completed this one (some indication at my attempts to compose this post).

Anyhow next up is my progress on the 'Field of Poppies' by Yiota's XStitch. Not sure if I mentioned about my failure to fully grid it. I was gridding away ... and ran out of the red stuff. Since the bottom was done I decided to start stitching and then transfer the gridding to top. 

There is still tonnes to go.

Next up is my SAL piece, QS Literate Dragon. I haven't managed to complete it, but stitched enough for three extra charts. My choices were: QS Heather, SK Trick or Treat, and QS Theatre of the Absurd.

I have put it aside for now ... Since it was driving me crazy (especially page 1, I can't seem to find some shades of green). I might go on to bottom left page when I next pick it up, or finish off the bottom right ... it has a few more stitches to get me stuck in.

And my finish is the tiny Fizzy Moon, it will be an addition to mum's present:

will look up what magazine it came with in the next few days (if I find the time). 

And a giveaway is over at Nancy's (a very generous lady indeed ... there are quite a few on her blog all going at the same time):

Christmas Over Dyed Floss Give-away:

Don't forget to mention it was me who sent you (you probably wouldn't to increase your chances of course). 
Oh, and Nancy is currently having a free shipping offer if you buy some skeins ... so tempting.

Click on ...  Victorian Motto Sampler Shoppe .... to enter.
Deadline: 10th December 2013.

Till soon,


  1. Lija, you are a little busy bee with all these projects! Lovely finishes & good luck with the Yiota. I just started my first one, it's fun ;)

  2. Great progress! Good job juggling all these different projects :D

  3. What wonderful projects you're working on!

  4. Oh my..too many progresses! Keep going! :D
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. Thank you, Isabella. I hope you have a good one too.